BTC Mining Focused Education Initiative Taken By Foundry Academy for Producing Top-Class Technicians

Digital Asset Group’s Bitcoin mining company Foundry Digital has announced a Bitcoin mining education drive initiative. The training program has been launched to educate and train Bitcoin miners further so that top-class technicians in Bitcoin mining can be produced with the help of the initiative. The initiative will commence the education program on 7th November … Read more

Binance Top Executive Not Convinced CBDCs Are Threatening To Bitcoin

Binance’s top executive does not seem to be convinced on the aspect that cryptocurrencies’ existence might be in danger because of CBDCs. He said that in fact, the governments would be validating the concept of blockchain on the pretext that they too are using it for CBDC purposes. Binance’s CEO Not Convinced over CBDC Posing … Read more

Russia Likely To Legalize Crypto Mining, Suggests a Lawmaker

A fresh legal framework has been proposed by Russian lawmakers which aim at legalizing all sorts of cryptocurrencies in the country. The proposed law also suggests that though crypto can be mined in the country. However, their circulation will be made across the border and also within specific regimes for experimental purposes. Russian Parliament Drafts … Read more

Cleanspark Acquires Bitcoin Mining Rigs Worth $5.9 Million

Exactly 3,853 top-of-the-line Bitcoin mining rigs have been bought at an approximate value of $6 Million by Cleanspark from Bitmain. According to Cleanspark, the company had acquired from than 26 thousand rigs since June this year. Massive Acquisition of Bitcoin Mining Rigs About a month ago Cleanspark, which is a Bitcoin mining entity, informed us … Read more

Survey Reveals Republicans And Democrats Consider Cryptocurrencies To Be Future Of Finance

One of the largest digital currency asset managers in the world, Grayscale Investments has shared the results of a survey it recently carried out. National Survey Grayscale Investments announced that it recently carried out a national survey that has provided assurance to the cryptocurrency community. According to the latest national survey, the Republicans and the … Read more

A Major Retailer in South Africa has Started Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Pick n Pay, a major grocery retail giant in South Africa has recently made an announcement for the customers. The retail giant has announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies from customers. Pick n Pay Accepts Bitcoin Pick n Pay announced on November 1 that it is now accepting cryptocurrencies from customers for in-store purchases. The … Read more

Number Of Cryptocurrency ATMs Continues To Rise In Russia

If it was reported in 2021 that the number of cryptocurrency ATMs has been rising around the world, it would be considered quite normal. However, it comes as a huge surprise if the same claim is made in 2022. This is because, in the year 2021, the cryptocurrency industry was growing enormously big. Almost every … Read more

Binance CEO Gearing Up For Equity Investor Position After Musk Acquires Twitter

On Friday, Binance confirmed that the CEO would be participating as an equity investor while Elon Musk takes over Twitter. In an email statement, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming move. This comes after Elon Musk completed a $44 billion acquisition deal for Twitter He said that the exchange was … Read more

$14.5m Exploit Devastates Team Finance Crypto Launchpad

An up and coming crypto launchpad, Team Finance, faced a severe $14.5 million exploit, which, according to the firm, occurred due to an issue in the migration feature. Team Finance Pauses Activities after Major Exploit In a tweet, Team Finance explained that ever since they spotted the exploit, they’ve stopped all activities. Additionally, the firm … Read more

Indian Finance Minister Claims Crypto Regulation A Priority Under G20 Presidency

India is gearing up to take up the presidency of the G20 and Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister, said that she would love to highlight that the country is moving forward quickly where digital financial technology is concerned. Digital technology The Indian finance minister spoke on November 1st at the Indian Council for Research on … Read more

Moldova Becomes Next Country to Ban Crypto Mining Following Major Energy Crises

As the crypto market continues to shrivel from its otherwise gargantuan size just a few months ago, every little loss can hurt the platform as a whole. However, unfortunately for the crypto market, the losses don’t stop coming, and they might not stop coming for some time now. Fiscal policies surrounding various financial markets like … Read more

Future UK PM is Pro Crypto; What Does that Mean for the Country?

Following the unceremonious resignation Liz Truss, siting prime minister of the UK, the Conservative Party was quick to find a replacement for her. And the newest candidate for the current seat is none other than Rishi Sunak. Sunak is especially popular for his contributions as the Finance minister under Boris Johnson. During his tenure, Sunak … Read more

Argentine Tax Authority Notified 4,000 Crypto Holders For Tax Statements Amendments

The tax authority in Argentina, AFIP, has ramped up its battle against tax evasion in the country via cryptocurrencies. The organization disclosed on October 28th that notifications had been sent to 3,997 taxpayers in the country about the inconsistencies that existed between reports of their crypto holdings and their tax statements. The statements that are … Read more

Freeway, Major Staking Platform, Restricts Withdrawals Following News of Market Volatility

The crypto market has continued to see some of the most volatile and some of the biggest companies with the most potential fall. And as the rest of the market prepares for some of the worst downfalls that it has experienced in years, some projects might soon be contributing to that downfall. Crypto projects have … Read more

CFTC Commissioner Compares Risk Of Crypto Contagion To Financial Crisis

Christy Goldsmith Romero, the Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) highlighted the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and its consequences. He cited the collapse as an example of the risks of contagion in the crypto markets is similar to what people part of the traditional finance (TradFi) system had experienced during the global … Read more

Crypto Analyst Believes That A Catalyst Will Trigger Bullish Market In BTC

A major crypto analyst is predicting that the crypto market could start surging as soon as a single catalyst manages to hit. According to their prediction, a single event will come along and help Bitcoin escape the bullish market. And thanks to the insider’s experience with the rest of the crypto market. The crypto market … Read more

Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific Plunges 70% Over Bankruptcy Warning

One of the world’s biggest bitcoin miners, Core Scientific warned that it could file for bankruptcy as its cash resources are depleting due to the numerous pressures the industry is facing. On Thursday, the company issued a statement to shareholders in which it stated that it was exploring a variety of options. It further added … Read more

Turkey President Shows Unique Openness to the Crypto Market

Despite the crypto market going through one of its worst patches in a decade, this has not stopped a lot of the growth that the market continues to see. Many companies continue to work with various traditional markets and MasterCard could soon be offering a range of crypto debit cards. So other than the overall … Read more

Is Tesla Still Holding Onto Bitcoin?

Come Thursday morning, cryptocurrency prices hit a new low after two consecutive days that had a brutal effect on digital assets. It begs the question of whether major conglomerates that once touted the benefits of crypto are still holding on today. Bitcoin was able to bounce back to $19,200 after dipping below its $19,000 level … Read more

Ripple’s Legal Team Confirms That Sec Emails Finally Released

The SEC has finally handed over emails and documents that may prove crucial to the Ripple versus SEC case. Since 2020, the firm behind cryptocurrency XRP has been involved in a legal battle with the SEC asserting that Ripple sold unregistered security illegally. On Thursday, the general counsel for Ripple, Stuart Alderoty, confirmed the news … Read more