As the gaming business expands, several important companies have announced interesting agreements. One such remark comes from gaming powerhouse Wemade, which recently reported a strategic relationship with Space & Time, a decentralized data repository.

Partnership to boost blockchain infrastructure skills

Wemade and Space & Time are collaborating to make Wemade’s blockchain more powerful by using Space & Time’s decentralized collection of cutting-edge features. In reference to the partnership, WEMIX CEO Shane Kim was quoted as saying, “We think that blockchain is the future of gaming.” This arrangement is intended to assist Wemade in improving its blockchain network skills and expanding its commitment to developing an inter-game market. This transformation brought on by blockchain technology is predicted to continue in conventional games.

Wemade has made a reputation in the gaming business with its international open blockchain gaming platform, WEMIX PLAY, which includes over 20 play-to-earn activities of various genres, including popular titles such as MIR M & MIR4.

Space & Time is equally pleased about the cooperation. Space & Time CEO and Co-Founder Nate Holiday remarked, “We’re excited to join one of the world’s greatest and most renowned gaming businesses.” Space & Time provides next-generation infrastructure and developer tools to advance blockchain gaming. Wemade and Space & Time are creating a blockchain gaming ecosystem to attract the next generation of game creators.

Real-time blockchain data access

Space & Time, according to its inventors, is a decentralized platform that provides all of the development tools required to construct decentralized apps. It includes the actual, encrypted referenced blockchain facts, a hybrid operational and analytic data vault, and a virtualized API interface, enabling developers to construct and deploy dApps fast and efficiently. Developers have all they need with Space & Time to create creative, decentralized apps in a streamlined, effective way.

WEMIX has also stated its goal to develop an ETH layer-2 that would employ ZKP protocols to increase scalability while ensuring user anonymity and safety. Space & Time and Wemade want to collaborate with the next distributed infrastructure in the future to create more powerful and accessible GameFi.

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