GameFi And Metaverse Projects Lead The Crypto Domain

Gamers and enthusiasts of metaverse platforms are the key demographic for crypto. Many millennials and Gen Z represent these audiences. Both generations are preparing to become the most important group for any market-middle-aged spenders. While many technology experts are laughing at Meta and its failing stocks, Mark Zuckerberg is determined to continue pushing the idea … Read more

Dogecoin On The Downtrend Indicating The Loss Of Confidence Among Retail Traders

DOGE is a peculiar digital asset that was conceived as a practical joke and turned into a massive success story. Great power means great responsibility, as one famous comic character once said. It is particularly true for Dogecoin, which had to adapt to the new reality of being one of the biggest tokens in the … Read more

Australia Will Tackle the Regulation of the Crypto Industry

It seems that the FTX collapse caused many governments to rethink their strategies regarding cryptocurrencies. The United Kingdom already has its multi-year plan ready, and Spain announced that they would be creating a “sandbox” to isolate the crypto sector from the economy. The latter is a way to test some products and features of the … Read more

Apple Makes Cryptocurrencies An Even Safer Bet

The long-term prospect of the concept of cryptocurrencies is promising. While hardcore supporters and enthusiasts will tell you that the only way forward is crypto, even those with more reserved attitudes have to admit that crypto has potential. One of the reasons why this idea will likely solidify in minds of millions is, surprisingly, Apple … Read more

Fintech Entrepreneur Michael Zetser Gives 5 Tips to Build a Great Startup

When web 2.0 started changing the way we understand online service and content generation, people like Michael Zetser saw the importance of building services that would cater to people. By being quick, efficient, and flexible, his startups were always one step ahead of the financial industry. While the scope of Zetser’s projects are usually smaller … Read more

BONE Is Trading in the Green and Enjoys 70% Increase in Trading Volume

The Shiba Inu is a weird token that many people forget when discussing the state of affairs in the crypto industry. Strangely, SHIB and BONE both benefit from this obscurity as their prices tend to fluctuate less compared to the rest of the market. However, Shiba Inu’s tokenomics are quite self-centered and people trading these … Read more

Be Careful With Axie Infinity And Stay Calm

AXS has been making noise recently thanks to its double-digit percentage gain over the last week following the announcement of the development team that the project is moving along to the next update that will bring more decentralization to the game and its community which should, in theory, improve tokenomics and create new incentives for … Read more

Maersk And IBM Cease Development Of Tradelens, A Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Platform

Maersk and IBM have made an announcement about the development of TradeLens, a supply chain platform being built on the blockchain. The logistics company from Denmark and the US-based technology company have both announced that they are going to discontinue the development TradeLens. Both companies had been working together for the development of TradeLens, co-creating … Read more

BTC and ETH Prices Expected to Experience a fall as FTX Hacker Makes a Move

Once again, Ether (ETH) is facing the impact of a move being made by a hacker who had stolen funds from the FTX exchange. Hackers Drained More than $450 Million Just when the FTX exchange announced its bankruptcy, a hacker made an attempt again at the FTX and FTX USA exchanges. He was successful in … Read more

Investors Should be More Careful as Technical Indicators for MakerDAO (MKR) Pose Worries

The current crypto winter is continuing to be volatile and full of bearish and bullish trends turning cryptocurrencies upside down within the space of 24 hours. The current technical indicators have warned traders of potential dangers. MKR prices surge to $652.01 as a bullish trend continues to dominate the market on the last day of … Read more

Coinbase Discloses Its BTC Holding to Be 2 Million

Brian Armstrong, the founder, and CEO of Coinbase announced that at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022, his company’s Bitcoin holding comprised over 2 Million BTCs. Crypto Exchanges’ Voluntary Disclosures FTX contagion has not only shocked but jolted entry crypto industry, the economy as well as the crypto community. It seems as if … Read more

Governor Bank Of England Calls For Strict Crypto Law Reforms

Sir Jon Cunliffe, leading the Bank of England in its financial stability mission as the bank’s Dy. Governor, called upon lawmakers and regulatory authorities. He wanted to provide and implement strict regulations concerning digital currencies. He was of the view that for avoiding any potential ‘crypto shock’, the UK needs to lay down tighter regulatory … Read more