Japan Wants To Put A Stop On Crypto-Based Money Laundering Activities Enforcing New Rules

The government of Japan has made an announcement sharing its concerns over the constantly rising money-laundering activities on its soil. The government as well as the regulatory authorities are highly concerned as money-laundering activities are on the rise in the country. Therefore, they have decided to put a stop to such illicit activities and are … Read more

For First Time Since 2016, Bitcoin Has Recorded A Green September Experiencing A 5% Surge

The entire Bitcoin (BTC) community had been eyeing high volatility for a long time. Finally, the Bitcoin community was able to witness the volatility that had been anxiously waiting for. It was on September 27 when the trading price of Bitcoin recorded volatility that has was anticipated for a long time. The rally helped push … Read more

Iran Continues Exploring Bitcoin As A Source Of Revenue Permitting Its Use For Imports

Among the Asian Muslim countries, Iran is one of the few nations that has shown a great level of interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. There is literally no comparison between Dubai and Iran because Dubai is a state that has an abundance of resources and money. Dubai is the center of attraction for tourists from … Read more

Solana Experiencing A Squeeze Between A Price Range Of $33 And $30

For the past few days, the trading price of Solana (SOL) has found itself facing a concerning situation. The situation is that the digital asset is stuck in a loop. Despite several attempts, the asset has not managed to make it out of the range. Solana is stuck between $33 and $30 Despite the attempts, … Read more

FTX Ends Up Getting Enlisted As An Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Exchange In UK

FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange operating internationally has recently been dealt a low blow by the UK regulatory authority. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has dropped a huge bomb of concern and high risk over the investors in the United Kingdom. FCA Enlists FTX as Unregistered Entity The FCA has reportedly … Read more

Nasdaq Is Getting Ready To Introduce Crypto Custody

In recent months, the cryptocurrency industry has started to dwindle at a faster scale. Despite the downtrend, the cryptocurrency industry has gained a lot of adoption in the mainstream industry. Nasdaq is Adopting Cryptocurrencies as a Custody Nasdaq, a multinational financial services firm has announced that it is going to introduce digital asset custody services. … Read more

Yellow Card To Increase Its Business And Service Network In Africa Following A Funding Round

Yellow Card, a cryptocurrency exchange focused on the African region has recently made an announcement surrounding a funding round. A Successful Funding Round The exchange officials have recently announced that they have successfully concluded a funding round. It was the Series B funding round that helped the company generate $40 million. It was just a … Read more

Another Gaming Giant From Japan “Bandai Namco” Aims To Enter Blockchain Gaming

The Japanese gaming industry seems to be looking forward to gaining more exposure in the blockchain gaming industry versus other major gaming giants. Bandai Namco is the latest gaming giant from Japan with aim of exploring the blockchain gaming sector. Over the course of time, the adoption level of the blockchain industry has continued to … Read more

GMX, a Decentralized Exchange Suffers an Exploit worth $565,000

GMX, a decentralized exchange (DEX) has recently suffered a manipulation. The reports claim price manipulation has been witnessed by the DEX. The exchange has reportedly suffered from an exploit that was carried out by an exploiter. Around $565k Exploited The reports confirm that as a result of the exploit, it was around $565,000 that the … Read more

Interpol to Issue a Red Notice against Do Kwon

The law enforcement authorities in South Korea are very serious about getting their hands on Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra Network. Prosecutors Ask Interpol to Intervene The prosecutors in South Korea are also aiming to bring Do Kwon to court to question him about the Terra Network’s dilemma that took place in May … Read more