Coffee Members Of Starbucks Will Be Enjoying More Than Coffee

On Monday, Starbucks made an announcement through its website for the entire Starbucks community. In the post, Starbucks announced that their customers will be able to enjoy coffee as well as gain the opportunity of earning digital items. Starbucks to Offer Digital Stamps According to the officials at Starbucks, they want to offer their customers … Read more

Only Five Entities Are Controlling 64% Of Overall Staked ETH

Just recently, Nansen shared a report surrounding the staked Ether (ETH). The firm has revealed that only 5 entities in the Ethereum ecosystem are holding the majority of the staked Ether. Stats by Nansen Nansen is a major blockchain analytics platform that has shared details of the 5 entities that have been holding 64% of … Read more

300,000 OP Tokens To Be Given Out To Users Of 1inch On Optimism

1inch, a major decentralized exchange aggregator has made an announcement for its users involving the distribution of free tokens. Optimism Participants Brace for Rewards 1inch has announced that the free tokens will be given to the users who participate in Optimism. The developers behind 1inch have stated that with the launch of the reward program, … Read more Now Has Regulatory Approval From Dubai has made an official announcement about the latest regulatory approval it has required in Dubai. The concerning regulatory authority in Dubai has granted approval to to operate in the state. Can Operate Legally in Dubai On Friday, officials shared their joy of being given the green signal to operate in Dubai. … Read more

Trading Price of NIRV has Dropped 85% as a result of an Exploit

Once again, another stablecoin has recorded a tremendous dip in its value in the latest trading sessions. The drop was recorded after the particular stablecoin ended up getting victimized by an exploiter. NIRV Stablecoin Suffers an Exploit The latest reports suggest that NIRV, an algorithmic stablecoin based on the Solana blockchain has suffered a major … Read more

Macro Climate Uncertainties have Caused Bitcoin Price to Fall Below $20,000

September 6 proved to be a bad day for Bitcoin (BTC) as the trading price of the largest cryptocurrency saw another dip in price. Bitcoin Fell Below $19k If the price of Bitcoin falling below $20,000 was not bad enough on September 5, the situation has gotten worse on the following day. The trading price … Read more, a Crypto Investment Product Firm has Reached $2 Billion Valuation

From the year 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has started from the individual adoption level all the way up to the mainstream adoption level. However, the mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency industry had not been enjoyed at the level it was expected to be adopted by the crypto developers. Crypto Mainstream Adoption through ETPs Then came … Read more

With “The Merge” Closing in, Anticipation Level of Investors is Rising in ETH Price Hikes

For months, the overall cryptocurrency industry has been in a state of turmoil. The entire crypto investment community is concerned and unrest due to the downtrend of the crypto industry. Amidst the turmoil and sense of insecurity among the crypto community, there is one factor providing comfort to the investment community. The Merge is closing … Read more

Specific Customers to Gain Access to Withdrawals as Confirmed by Celsius

It was on July 13 when the entire cryptocurrency industry was in a state of shock when Celsius Network Ltd. announced it was filing bankruptcy. The reports confirmed that on the same day, the Celsius Network filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Celsius Network to Release $50 Million The situation kept getting worse for the … Read more

Bristol Myers Records a Slump in Share Prices after Sharing Results of Latest Experiments

Bristol Myers has recorded a dip in share prices and it was due to the mid-stage trial results that they have shared for heart-related treatment. Bristol Myers Shares Stroke Treatment Results The scientists at Bristol Myers shared results for the stroke treatment that is currently in development. The scientists shared the mid-stage trial results that … Read more

Dogecoin co-Founder Turns Down $14 Million Offer for Dogechain Promotion

One of the founders of popular meme token Dogecoin, Billy Markus recently turned down an offer of promoting Dogechain worth $14 million in cryptocurrency. Dogechain had reached out to the IT engineer and requested him to promote it to the loyal DOGE army. Offer rejected A known Twitter user publicized the offer that was made … Read more

Brazil to Get a Cashback Crypto Card Powered by Ripio

Ripio, a cryptocurrency firm based in Argentina has recently announced the launch of a new Visa card. The firm has announced it has launched a Visa card for users based in Brazil. Using the Visa card, the users will be able to make payments using cryptocurrencies. Ripio Launches a Crypto Visa Card The latest update … Read more