On Monday, Starbucks made an announcement through its website for the entire Starbucks community.

In the post, Starbucks announced that their customers will be able to enjoy coffee as well as gain the opportunity of earning digital items.

Starbucks to Offer Digital Stamps

According to the officials at Starbucks, they want to offer their customers the opportunity to buy as well as earn digital stamps. The best part of the product is that the digital stamps will be offered as collectibles.

Starbucks has revealed that digital stamps will be offered to customers in the United States. For now, their aim is to offer the new service in the US region.

If the adoption level of digital stamps is promising and meets their expectations, they will expand their network to other parts of the world. They want to expand the network all over the world but they want to start in the United States.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Starbucks has been exploring the non-fungible token technology for a while and the coffee chain is now ready to make its move. The digital stamps it is to offer will be created as non-fungible tokens.

These non-fungible tokens will be launched as collectibles and the collection for the NFTs has been dubbed “Starbucks Odyssey”.

NFT Collectibles are Unique

Every non-fungible token launched by Starbucks under the particular collection is unique in nature. The users will be able to verify their ownership and authenticity through the blockchain network.

Starbucks will also launch its own point of sale (marketplace) where the users will be able to sell the NFTs. Through the particular point of sale, the users will be able to buy, sell, and even exchange NFTs.

The value of each NFT would vary based on its rarity and uniqueness. Starbucks wants to offer different and unique experiences to their customers as they interact with their digital stamps.

The members will be able to increase their membership points with the acquisition of digital stamps. Using these stamps, the users will be able to access and unlock different kinds of NFTs and experiences through the ecosystem they will offer.

Rewards Program

According to the coffee chain officials, they want to offer different kinds of rewards to their members based on their membership points.

The members may be able to earn themselves a virtual espresso. The virtual espresso may even belong to the martini-making class.

With the launch of the NFT program, Starbucks will be able to invite masses to their platform as well as increase footfall at their chains.

This way, Starbucks will help bring huge adoption of NFTs and make them more perceivable for the commoners.

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