One of the largest digital currency asset managers in the world, Grayscale Investments has shared the results of a survey it recently carried out.

National Survey

Grayscale Investments announced that it recently carried out a national survey that has provided assurance to the cryptocurrency community.

According to the latest national survey, the Republicans and the Democrats consider cryptocurrencies to be the future of finance.

This is a confirmation for the entire cryptocurrency community that the cryptocurrency industry is going nowhere.

As the Republicans and the Democrats consider cryptocurrencies to be the future of finance, it means the governments would eventually adopt cryptocurrencies on a large scale.

It eventually secures the future of cryptocurrencies and indicates that over time, cryptocurrencies would gain legal status around the world.

Survey Carried Out by Grayscale

The officials have confirmed that the survey was carried out through The Harris Poll between October 6 and October 11. The Harris Poll exists as a global consulting and market research firm.

The survey was reportedly carried out among 2,029 individual adults. As confirmed, the majority of the adults who participated in the survey are voters.

The survey discovered from the potential American voters exactly how they see the future of the economy. They were asked what kind of role they expect cryptocurrencies to play in the economy in the future.

The survey results were quite astonishing revealing that 53% of Americans, more than half of the people in the United States have positive hopes for cryptocurrencies.

It suggests that 53% of Americans consider that the future of finance will be cryptocurrencies.

The survey reveals that 52% of the total participating Republicans and 59% of the Democrats are in favor of cryptocurrencies.

Out of the total participants, 44% of the Americans stated that in near future, they would invest in cryptocurrencies, making them part of their portfolios.

25% of the total respondents have mentioned that it is due to the growing interest and inflation rates they have grown interested in cryptocurrencies.

The constant hit to their finances has compelled them to take an interest in cryptocurrencies and eventually, invest in digital assets.

Statement from Grayscale CEO

Michael Sonnenshein, the CEO at Grayscale also commented on the growing importance of cryptocurrencies.

He stated that as the midterm elections are approaching, the candidates with vast technological vision would be the ones winning them.

Over time, people have realized the importance of the traditional financial industry connecting with the cryptocurrency industry. This would eventually impact the overall economy and help control inflation rates.

Another major revelation from the survey is that 39% of the total US citizens think that the country is far behind many countries in terms of the regulatory framework.

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