A fresh legal framework has been proposed by Russian lawmakers which aim at legalizing all sorts of cryptocurrencies in the country.

The proposed law also suggests that though crypto can be mined in the country. However, their circulation will be made across the border and also within specific regimes for experimental purposes.

Russian Parliament Drafts Law Proposal for Legalizing Cryptocurrency Mining Within

At least two laws pertaining to the mining of cryptocurrencies were drafted by Russian lawmakers, however, out of the two only one was considered. The second legislation was refused by the Russian Parliament for being vague and ambiguous.

The mining bill accepted for review was thought to be comprehensive and lays down a thorough procedure for minting cryptocurrencies in the country.

Member of the Russian Lower House State Duma namely Anatoly Aksakov said that the draft proposal aims at legalizing mining of cryptocurrencies. Aksakov is currently State Duma’s Committee for Financial Market’s head.

While talking to the press, Aksakov discussed certain provisions of the proposed mining law. He said that the purpose of the law is to legalize the mining of all sorts of digital currencies.

Lawmakers Support Crypto Mining

It has been a while since when there have been discussions regarding the legalization of crypto mining in Russia have been going on. Several discussion sessions in the context have been held within the Russian lower and upper houses.

The crux of the discussions suggests that the majority of lawmakers as well as top officials of Russia are supporting crypto mining and related activities.

Previously, when similar law proposals came before the Parliament, they were rejected. However, most of them proposed allowing mining activities, particularly in the areas which were energy-rich.

On the other hand, European Region has unilaterally disapproved of mining activities in the region. In fact, there had been attempts in the region through which Bitcoin mining was prevented because of exorbitant power consumption.

Law Proposes Circulation Restriction of Mined Coins Internally

While elaborating upon mining law, Aksakov pointed out that although mining would be legalized, the circulation of mined digital currencies shall be regularized.

He suggested that a mechanism would be put in place through which mined cryptocurrencies shall be circulated across the border and not within Russia.

He further described however that in some specific regions, which shall be earmarked later, circulation will be made for experimental purposes only. However, for that a new draft proposal will be presented, said Aksakov.

Crypto as Payment against Imports

It was further revealed by Aksakov that there is a possibility in the future that digital currencies might be utilized for international payments against imports.

However, the majority of the Russian business and corporate sectors do not favor crypto payments for cross-border payments. They argue that the action may adversely affect the Russian ruble.

Akaskov hoped that the law will be approved soon particularly when the considerations on the taxation side have been addressed.

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