3 Best Crypto Signal Services in 2021

As the number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is rising exponentially, crypto trading has become a trend these days. Crypto signals have further helped enthusiasts to transform into active crypto traders. Such signals have made crypto trading a lot easier and more welcoming for beginners, but have added an additional threshold of choosing the best crypto signals provider to start your journey with. But don’t worry as we have brought you the 3 best signal providers of 2021.

Universal Crypto Signals: They provide their signals through their telegram channels. There are dedicated channels for each of the exchanges that they cover and thus have got separate channels for Binance, Bittrex, and BitMex signals. As it reliably covers such popular exchanges, it has already made a name for itself even while it is a comparatively new entrant in the market. But its users are still on the lower side when compared to the signals providers we will talk about later below. It covers Bitcoin as well as several others like Litecoin supported by the exchanges it gives out signals for. It supports bots as well and thus has two plans for its users – the semi-automatic one and the fully automatic one. It also has dedicated customer support as well. The downside is that sometimes its customer support gets a little overwhelmed and might take some time before it gets back to you. Its signals have shown an accuracy of over 90%.

Cornix: Cornix is not itself a crypto signal provider but a bot that can help you do your trade profitably. They have two options where you can either choose manual-follow signal or automated follow signal. Cornix is an automated trading bot so it can help you configure everything with one click. You can also choose to do this manually. Cornix uses signals from popular signal services like Fat Pig Signals and such others. But that’s its concern and nothing you need to worry about. You need to connect your exchanges with the bot with the help of the APIs to get things running. Thus, it gets a bit overwhelming for people sometimes.

MyCryptoParadise: If there is a one-stop solution to all your crypto trading worries, it would be this place. From having a fully functional website to a fully responsive customer care team, these guys are really putting all into it to make your trades less risky and more profitable. Just like other groups, they also use their telegram channels to give out signals for all the exchanges that they cover. They give up to 9 signals a day which is a feat in itself. Their market analysis is done by their team of expert traders. This is reflected in the fact that they have very high profitability. They value their users’ money and don’t believe in the dump and pump approach. Thus, their traders are always less risk-prone and more profitable. This builds a solid trading portfolio for their subscribers. Their paid subscription is updated even more regularly. Those who subscribe to a paid membership, get to copy their trading decisions with those of the experts and get a competitive advantage of the first action. Their yearly subscription fee of 0.12 BTC is quite nominal considering the profit percent they promise and deliver.

Choosing only one as the best among the signal providers is an impossible task. The market is changing daily and so are the signal providers and their features. But the ones we have listed here are serving a good amount of user base and have been consistently doing profitable trades. If you are a beginner who is clueless about where to begin the journey, visiting the websites of these providers to check out more about their features would be the right start.