For Quant (QNT), the running week has been filled with opportunities and a bullish run. This is because the trading price of QNT has recorded a significant surge in the running week.

QNT Hits its Highest Point since December

The data shows that in the running week, the trading price of QNT has surged so much that it has reached its highest point since 2021.

The last time QNT managed to hit its highest point was back in the month of December 2021. It is a great achievement for QNT just when the overall crypto market situation is facing a downtrend.

For the bulls, it is a wonderful opportunity to invest in QNT and increase their gains as the price of QNT seems to be hinting at stronger gains in the future.

QNT’s Recent Price Action

It was on Sunday when the trading price of QNT was at a low of $182.88. However, the latest trading session is witnessing a great push in its price, bringing it up to a high of $226.09.

It was back on December 12, 2021, when the trading price of QNT had reached an all-time high of $236. It is fortunate for QNT investors that the trading price of QNT has now come close to the ATH price.

One of the Biggest Market Movers

With the latest market movement, QNT has become one of the top market movers. The price of QNT crossing the $200 mark is a great demonstration by the bulls with strong sentiments for the asset.

The price chart for QNT shows that in the past 7-days, its trading price has increased by 40%.

QNT has hit a New Week High

It was the new week high for QNT as it managed to rise to a high of $226.09 from a bottom price of $182.88.

With the recent price movement, many technical indicators are leaning in favor of a strong bullish trend. The RSI for QNT has also managed to cross the midline and it is now moving in the upward direction.

The 2-week RSI chart shows it is moving in the upward direction, which is a sign of strong bullish sentiments in favor of QNT.

The RSI for QNT has risen to a high of 87.03 on the chart, which means that the bears may not have control over the situation for some time.

This is an assurance for the investors, allowing them to continue with their buying spree without fearing a sudden sell-out.

The bears had already exhausted their resources when they pulled QNT’s trading price to a low of $182.88. As the bulls launched the rally, they broke all the defenses set by the bears.

Now the overall trend for QNT is in the bullish territory and many expect its value may hit another all-time high.

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