The law enforcement authorities in South Korea are very serious about getting their hands on Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra Network.

Prosecutors Ask Interpol to Intervene

The prosecutors in South Korea are also aiming to bring Do Kwon to court to question him about the Terra Network’s dilemma that took place in May 2022.

The latest reports suggest that the prosecutors from South Korea have launched a request from their end for Interpol to intervene. The South Korean prosecutors have requested Interpol to issue a Red Notice against Do Kwon.

In the request, the South Korean prosecutors have requested Interpol to assist them in launching a search against Do Kwon. Interpol has been asked to find Do Kwon, take him into custody, and detain him.

Monday Report by Financial Times

On Monday, the Financial Times released a report confirming what the prosecutors from the Seoul Southern District had requested of Interpol.

It was revealed that the prosecutors at the Seoul Southern District had started working on the process of launching a request with Interpol to issue a Red Notice against Kwon.

Interpol to Revoke Kwon’s Passport

In the request, the prosecutors have requested Interpol to revoke Do Kwon’s passport. The request was launched by the prosecutors while it was reported that Do Kwon was in Singapore.

The Red Notice means to arrest a person pending a legal action such as surrender, and extradition. Interpol has revealed that the local law enforcement authorities cannot be compelled by them to arrest such a person.

Statement by Interpol

The officials at Interpol have also released a statement on the matter. They have revealed that they are using all their resources to look for Do Kwon and arrest him for legal proceedings.

They started working on the matter following the request launched by the prosecutor’s office of South Korea.

In the statement, the Interpol officials confirmed that Do Kwon is indeed on the run and even the Terra Network’s financial team is doing the same. The Interpol officials confirmed that the financial teams of Terra Network left South Korea just like Do Kwon.

Social Media Presence of Do Kwon

Despite the recent legal proceedings against Do Kwon and the Interpol intervention, Do Kwon has remained active on social media.

On a regular basis, Do Kwon has claimed that he is not on the run and has issued other statements that suggest the same thing. Still, Do Kwon has not revealed his actual location, which has raised many concerns among the Terra followers.

The recent tweet Do Kwon left was reportedly from Singapore so Interpol is active in the particular country.

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