BNB Smart Chain has announced that they have formed a partnership with Google Cloud. Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange is behind the development and launch of the BNB Smart Chain.

A Strategic Partnership

The officials at the BNB Smart Chain have confirmed that their partnership with Google Cloud is a strategic one. Google Cloud is the arm of Google that is known for providing cloud computing services.

BNB Smart Chain has now joined forces with Google Cloud and their aim behind the partnership is to expedite the development process behind blockchain and Web 3 startups.

Purpose of the Partnership

The partnership between both firms would be to help the startup blockchain and Web 3 businesses in their early stages of operations.

Following the partnership, the new businesses will have full support from the BNB Chain ecosystem as well as the infrastructure offered by Google Cloud.

The business startups will be able to benefit from the ecosystem offered by BNB Chain. They will be able to take advantage of the ecosystem building sustainable and efficient applications.

Their applications will also have high-level scalability and they will be backed by both BNB Chain and Google Cloud.

As for Google Cloud, the new businesses will be able to gain from their industry-level infrastructure for cloud-based services. The platform offered to the new businesses would be scalable, developer-friendly, and open.

Access to BNB Chain DApps and Google Cloud Data Protection

The new startup businesses will gain access to more than 1,300 decentralized applications (DApps) on the BNB Chain.

In addition to BNB Chain, the Google Cloud service would provide businesses access to data encryption as well as on-chain data analysis on a real-time basis.

BNB Chain will also provide businesses with accelerated access to the services and facilities on Google Cloud. Most importantly, the businesses will gain access to the Startups Cloud Program that has been run by Google.

The particular program will be available to the builders of the Web 3 ecosystem. Google Cloud will focus mainly on businesses that gain eligibility through the Most Valuable Builder (MVB), which is the accelerator program launched by Google Cloud.

Google Cloud will also grant new businesses access to their technical subject matter experts and success team members. This perk will be available to businesses that pass the MVB program.

AWS is also Entering Blockchain and Web 3 Space

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is also growing bigger and is exploring the blockchain and Web 3 space. This means that the competition is finally growing stronger between the tech giants to gain momentum in the blockchain and Web 3 industry.

BNB, the native token on the BNB Smart Chain is also expected to benefit from the recent developments. At the time of writing, BNB’s trading price at $275.27 after experiencing a 0.07% surge in the past 24 hours.

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