The rise in cryptocurrencies has allowed multiple companies from around the world to make their name in the crypto space. However, when it comes to countries that have taken an active interest in cryptocurrencies, the name that really stands out is Singapore.

Over the years Singapore has become one of the most welcoming countries for crypto companies. They became an especially important safe haven for companies that shut down as a result of China’s crackdown on crypto mining. But following the recent crash of the crypto market, Singapore’s regulators are looking to crack down on companies that are looking to overly promote crypto without being honest about the difficulties that come with it.

An Official of Singapore’s Central Bank Weighs in

During the recent Token2049 conference in Singapore, a chief official from the central bank of Singapore took the stage and proceeded to warn many of the attendees present. As one of the biggest events for cryptocurrencies in the country, it attracts investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Therefore, during the event, all of them heard what the official had to say.

Throughout his time on stage, the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s chief fintech officer, Sopnendu Mohanty, gave a clear warning to companies that used false advertising to bring in investors. While cryptocurrencies do make for a great investment opportunity, they are also risky. And before anyone can really jump into investing in these digital currencies, they need to properly understand that risk and find the best way to manage it.

However, as the chief official brought attention to the issue during his time on stage, many companies weren’t talking about the risks associated with the crypto market. Instead, they were often glamorizing all of the best parts about cryptocurrencies, without even referring to the risks that can possibly come with it.

His Warnings to the Crowd

The most important warning that the official gave to the crowd was that regulators would eventually clamp down on businesses that were bringing in clients without properly informing them of the consequences that could come as a result of their investments.

He explained to the crowd how companies were looking more to profit off their less informed clients, than actually improving the crypto space. Furthermore, they would even avoid educating the clients about how the market works, since that could allow them to understand why the company is making certain investments.

Making Cryptocurrencies Better

Following the most recent crash of the crypto market, many investors have started to lose faith. However, these companies can eventually reinvigorate confidence in investors, which could be hard to do with them using false advertising to push an untruthful narrative. Therefore, it only makes sense that these companies eventually stop taking advantage of clients and improve their practice.

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