With the ever-changing crypto landscape, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cryptocurrencies are competing for space in the audience’s wallets. This innovation motivates investors to look at the potential of new crypto coins. One example of cryptocurrencies that are gaining quite a bit of traction includes Litecoin and Ethereum Classic. Both of them managed to generate millions of dollars worth of income. At the same time, they’re providing impeccable services to users.

On the other hand, there’s Flasko, that’s grabbing the attention of crypto enthusiasts and encouraging them to invest in the crypto market. This is happening due to a few reasons.

Crypto Investors Lose Faith in ETC over Security Issues

While Ethereum is generally seen as the more authentic blockchain network, the future looks grim for Ethereum Classic, considering its recent security issues. Hackers managed to steal millions of dollars from ETC, prompting investors to lose faith in the crypto.

So until the ETC network can update the software to take care of security vulnerabilities, the cryptocurrency may face various concerns. Investors are wary of ETC, and this was proven by the latest price dip. Trading at $27.59 as of now, ETC faced a price drop of 84 percent since running on an all-time high value of $176.16.

Litecoin Investors Worry after Prices Stagnate

Modeling the Bitcoin system, Litecoin is among the oldest altcoins and was launched in 2011. Even so, the network relies on the proof-of-work method, which requires large amounts of space for mining. A major reason that investors are concerned is that it affects the environment is a similar way as Bitcoin. Then, another factor reducing the demand for Litecoin is how long it takes for transactions to come through. Currently, it holds a value of $53.52, which is very far off from its peak of $412.96.

Flasko Appeals to Long-Term Crypto Investors

Primarily, Flasko appeals to crypto enthusiasts looking to invest in the booming alternative investment industry in return for expensive alcoholic drinks. Flasko users can buy pricey wines, whiskeys, and spirits as NFTs, all of which are high-performing investments. The Flasko launchpad offers a platform to partner with emerging and well-renowned beverage companies. Additionally, investors can get early access to discounts and new products by partners.

As of now, Flasko has shown a rise in price from $0.015 to $0.04, and the presale has only just started. Because of the steady price increase, investors are looking at the Flasko platform as an early investment that can give impressive returns. Experts predict that the pricing is a major reason to invest in Flasko, as prices may reach between $1.90 and $2.10 by next year.

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