According to a recent survey from StarkWare, it reveals that majority of the American participants see cryptocurrencies to carry the financial market worldwide.

Crypto Survey from StarkWare

A very recent survey, hosted by blockchain firm StarkWare has revealed that around 53% of American voters think that cryptocurrencies will carry the worldwide financial market on its back in the future. Most of them believe cryptocurrencies will be the face of finance, with majority of the bullish voters being quite young, ranging between 25-34 years old, had a positive stance on cryptocurrencies potentially becoming mainstream in the coming times.

Additional Survey Findings

According to the report from StarkWare, there were around two thousand American adults who took part in the survey that was hosted to study about people’s view on cryptocurrency and its impact in the financial sector. As mentioned above, 53% of those participants think that cryptocurrencies will become mainstream in the future and the age group also mentioned above, shows that the younger generation is very much interested in cryptocurrencies, compared to older previous generation.

The survey results revealed quite a lot more interesting information in addition to the interest percentage. 17% of those who took part stated that they are currently owning multiple cryptocurrencies. Most of them were actively making changes to their holdings. Around 82% mentioned that they have a cryptocurrency price tracker on their smartphones and 50% of them said that they play around with their crypto on a daily basis, with 14% saying that they make adjustments weekly.

Shaping the Economy

Co-Founder and President of StarkWare, Eli Ben-Sasson issued some statements regarding the survey results, stating that survey has given a clear idea about how the interest in cryptocurrencies in spreading around the world and what the potential might be in the future. Eli Ben-Sasson also said that younger aged American people, who will very “soon shape the economy”, are the ones interested in cryptocurrencies and with the growing increase in investment levels, “crypto will be the future”.

Become “Smarter”

Despite all these factors, Eli Ben-Sasson ended his statement, saying that blockchain might not be able to handle the increase in demand, unless the individuals working in the industry make much” smarter” decisions that will help to push out more unique and efficient solutions for people looking to take advantage of them.

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