Crypto Exchange Binance takes a big step, hiring a first-class Ex-Microsoft executive Corporate Vice President and making him the new CTO.

According to a blog post from Binance, it was revealed that the exchange has managed to pick up one of Microsoft’s top-level executives, Rohit Wad and had assigned him as the firm’s latest Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for around a month now.

Responsibilities of Rohit Wad at Binance

The post mentioned that Rohit Wad’s responsibilities in Binance will be working to engineer quick, scalable and adaptable Web3-based projects and solutions on the platform. In addition to that, the CTO will also be the one to keep check and manage the company’s security, overall stability and liquidity.

In terms of adaptability, Rohit will have to make sure that every single one of the projects and solutions being developed should be compliant with the regulation conditions that are set with respect to the crypto space.

Massive Potential in Web3

Binance stated that Rohit Wad had privately been working at Binance as the CTO to learn more about the work and responsibilities that are attached with the new position. Rohit Wad delivered a statement regarding why he decided to work with Binance. While working at Binance, Rohit experienced that the potential of Web3-based systems is on a completely different level.

Rohit said in his statement that Web3 looks very “exciting”, and He is very happy to work with Binance on the position of CTO. Additionally, Rohit mentioned that because of the rapid growth of Web3, teams working on it are also growing and there is still “hundreds of engineering and product” positions at Binance for skilled individuals to join around the world.

Rohit’s Impressive Career

There is a reason why Binance had welcomed Rohit Wad at its side. Rohit is an extremely talented person who has worked hard to score positions in many hugely popular firms that include, being the Director of Engineering at both Facebook and Google.

Rohit’s time at Microsoft was also very impressive, as he played a big part in the development and release of internet communication programs such as, Microsoft Teams and Skype, which proved their existence, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, where people around the world were and are still forced to work and communicate from their homes.

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