As the cryptocurrency industry has been around for almost 13 years, many want to know how much it has grown and expanded.

For anyone to enter a particular investment space, it needs to be profitable and long-term. People do not want to add themselves to an industry that has no future.

Future of Cryptocurrencies is in the Dark

Ever since the crypto industry was launched, many continued to argue about the future of cryptocurrencies. Many have claimed that there is no future for cryptocurrencies ahead of 2025 or 2025.

However, there is a noticeable pattern in such claims as they have one thing in common. All of the claims about cryptocurrencies having no future are from traditional financial entities.

The very purpose of the cryptocurrency industry is to provide independent users with an alternative to traditional finance. Therefore, traditional financial institutions want cryptocurrencies out of the system.

They have been making claims that cryptocurrencies are having a bad time being adopted by mainstream institutions. This way, the traditional institutions want to create a state of panic among the investors and even the mainstream institutions.

Actual Adoption versus Claims

While traditional financial institutions are at it, the cryptocurrency sector is unable to save its reputation from such claims.

This is because the cryptocurrency industry is facing a winter that has lasted much longer than expected.

Still, the institutional attention the cryptocurrency industry has witnessed throughout the crypto winter is enough to kill false claims made by the traditional finance sector.

The adoption level of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among institutions has been remarkable.

Statement by BitMEX Chief

Just recently, Alexander Hoptner, the chief executive at BitMEX stated what he thinks about the expansion of the cryptocurrency industry In the institutional sector.

Hoptner stated that despite the crypto winter, the institutions have proven they are very invested in cryptocurrencies.

Institutional crypto adoption has been witnessing a great surge despite the crypto market facing a major downturn.

In the past couple of years, institutional investors have developed a great interest in cryptocurrencies. Their appetite has continued increasing and it still climbing higher.

This means that despite the crypto downtrend, the investors are anxious to gain more exposure to the cryptocurrency industry.

They want more investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies and are coming up with different kinds of innovations in the crypto-blockchain industry.

They Want a Bearish Market

For institutional investors, having a bearish market is the best time to invest. Their investments can be of many types including innovations, newer products, and more reliable platforms.

Therefore, investors must not panic and think that the crypto industry will soon end. Instead, the industry would continue growing with strong input from the institutions.

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