The Japanese gaming industry seems to be looking forward to gaining more exposure in the blockchain gaming industry versus other major gaming giants.

Bandai Namco is the latest gaming giant from Japan with aim of exploring the blockchain gaming sector. Over the course of time, the adoption level of the blockchain industry has continued to rise.

A major chunk of the gaming community has started moving to blockchain gaming. Therefore, it is just a matter of time before all major gaming companies start moving to blockchain gaming.

Gaming Community Opposing Blockchain Gaming

With the emergence, if blockchain gaming, a group of traditional gaming has emerged that strongly opposes the technology.

Despite their opposition, the game developing giants have realized the importance of adopting blockchain gaming technology. The gaming industry is determined to continue exploring the blockchain gaming sector and make the best use of it.

The particular group has been opposing blockchain gaming and the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The Oasys blockchain is proving to be the first choice for the game-developing giants. The executives at the blockchain network have shared the same concern surrounding the particular group of developers.

Ryo Matsubara Revealed Bandai Namco

Ryo Matsubara, one of the directors at Oasys talked about the significance of blockchain gaming in the traditional gaming sector

During an interview at one of the local gaming shows in Japan, Matsubara revealed that blockchain gaming has become huge traction among major game developers.

He revealed that several major gaming companies such as Square Enix and Sega have partnered with them. Bandai Namco has recently partnered with them, which is another major achievement for their company.

These companies are not just exploring the crypto-blockchain technology but they are going to navigate within the industry for good.

These companies are aiming to interact with the crypto-blockchain sector for a long time. They are also planning to support and launch their own cryptocurrencies in the particular space. The vision of these companies involving blockchain gaming is vast and long-term.

Bandai Namco Joins the Blockchain Gaming Industry

Over the decades, Bandai Namco has launched several major game titles. These major titles include Pac-Man and Tekken. These are the most demanded and cherished titles that the company has launched.

As per the gaming geeks, the game “Sonic the Hedgehog” is the biggest franchise Bandai Namco has developed.

The company has successfully gathered a tremendous community of fans and gamers. Now, the company seeks exposure in blockchain gaming, which means millions of gamers will become part of their campaign.

This will be a remarkable breakthrough not just for Bandai Namco but for the entire blockchain gaming industry as well.

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