The go-to platform for Solana-based NFTs, Magic Eden is introducing a new DAO, while also performing an airdrop of nearly 30,000 NFTs to its user base.

Like how Ethereum-based NFT platform OpenSea has been performing, Magic Eden has been the NFT platform that has been leading the charge on the Solana network, topping many other platforms. As a motive to grow and revolutionize the space, Magic Eden has recently announced the introduction of a new Decentralized Autonomous Organization and will also be airdropping tons of NFTs and membership licenses for its current user base.


As mentioned above, the DAO being introduced is formally named as, MagicDAO, that is designed in such a way that will promote new projects on the platform, meanwhile also providing various other advantages and incentives to its user base, contributing towards the growth of the overall ecosystem as time progresses.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have been playing a vital role in the development and organization of online communities, being controlled by their respective crypto or token and moving towards a common objective.

Magic DAO will also be allowing any respective member the right to vote on popular NFT projects and the project who takes the most votes will be featured in the frontpage of the platform. Additionally, members will also be able to take part in several different exclusive events organized by the platform.

NFT Airdrop

As for the airdrop, Magic Eden has scheduled the airdrop for three different groups starting today, dropping around 30,000 Magic Tickets NFTs to its current user base on the platform. The groups are made up in a way that is according to transactions made, meaning that users who transacted between certain months will be assigned their respective group. The airdrop will also include a unique NFT collectible according to the group that users are assigned to.

In addition to that, Magic Eden specifically mentioned that they will be prioritizing users who have been active since January. The tickets are basically an incentive that will grant special access to a channel on the official discord server of Magic Eden. To make sure that “real people” are being facilitated by this drop, users will have to need to provide an email address and connect their discord account to their Magic Eden platform profile, which is interconnected to the Solana Wallet.

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