Zynga (a San Francisco-based developer of games with having developed distinctive products like the CSR Racing series as well as FarmVille) has declared the intention to release its initial NFT and blockchain-based game in 2022. In the previous year, the game studio entered the world of crypto following the appointment of Matt Wolf (a 30-year veteran of the gaming industry for being Blockchain Gaming’s Vice President) to lead the firm in the promising industry.

It was additionally announced by Zynga that it will enhance the present blockchain gaming group (which has 15 employees) to nearly 100 till this year’s denouement. The firm may be turned into a part of the most prominent developers of video games called Take-Two Interactive (Grand Theft Auto’s publisher which openly declared an acquisition move of almost $12.7B in 2023’s initial quarter.

While discussing the company’s strategy regarding the NFT-based gaming with Axios, it was stated by Wolf that the upcoming blockchain-based games would be exclusive and unique as adding NFTs to the already present games such as FarmVille would not make any sense. He added that the latest games would resemble the social-media games like Mafia Wars where the role of gangsters is assumed by the players to construct the crime family thereof.

Relatively aggressive moves have been taken by Zynga into the department of blockchain-based gaming (which sometimes gets controversial) as compared to several other conventional gaming firms.

Due to the crypto-related aspects, severe criticism has frequently been witnessed from the side of the irritated gamers of the gaming studio. A few of the players having added NFTs to the gaming experience thereof consider that the firms are only pursuing unique methods to earn money from the customers.

Wolf has clarified that the game developers of the platform will have the capability to choose for or stay out of any strategies related to NFTs, as he noticed the internal protests confronting the rest of the gaming venues such as Ubisoft and EA.

Notwithstanding the criticisms, NFTs have been termed by Wolf as the obvious upcoming move in the evolution of Zynga with the creation of unique and relatively more realistic value and ownership to be made for the gamers through tokenized systems.

By constructing an integrated experience to permit the players to turn into the owners in the gaming venture, the target of the platform would be to broaden the audience of Zynga along with a greater engagement as well as retention, as he disclosed.

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