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InteracInvestor logoOne of the biggest concerns that most traders deal with is growth. When you start trading, you are usually looking at the profits you can make and the money that you can gain in the long-term. Of course, security also remains an important concern. However, growth is something that matters the most but some people completely overlook it. How can you become the trader that you want to be if your trading platform does not let you grow? To give you the perfect opportunity to grow, I am writing this InteracInvestor review.

This company might not be considered the best in the world or the top ranking on the list of the best ones, but it is definitely one of the best. For me, it has all the ingredients that can turn it into an ideal trading platform in the coming days. The trading conditions from this company will help you grow.

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Why can I say that? Well, because you can see everything clearly when you look at the features you get with each trading account. Not a lot of other companies are able to address the concerns of the traders so amazingly as this company does. Let me get into the details to explain further.

Broker InteracInvestor
Type of Trading CFD Trading
Available Instruments Stocks, Commodities, Indices, Forex
Maximum Leverage 1:400
Maximum Margin Loan Up to 100%
Types of Accounts 5 (Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP, Pro)
Minimum Initial Deposit $10,000
Trading Platform Web Trader
Customer Support 24/5

Hundreds of Trading Instruments for You

What is the first thing you look at before you sign up with an online trading services provider? If you ask me, I will always recommend that you look the asset index. It gives you a clear idea of how good the company is and how much opportunity it can offer you to grow. If you are limited to just one market, you will not be able to achieve your financial goals. Not to mention, investing all your money within the same asset class or asset is risky, and something that no trading expert will ever recommend. How can you invest in many assets?

Well, you just have to pick the right company that gives you access to many different types of assets. With InteracInvestor, you have hundreds of different assets belonging to not just one but a variety of financial markets. You can trade forex currency pairs that include not only the major ones but also minor and exotic ones. Furthermore, you have stocks available from the best companies of the world including tech, retail, logistics, and more. You can also trade stocks in the bundle form when you enter the indices category. The best part is that you have the indices category available for trading too.

Last but not least, you have the commodities, which are perfect for people who are interested in trading multiple types of assets. Within this category, you have energies like gas and crude oil available. Furthermore, within the same asset class, you can also trade some agricultural assets, such as wheat, corn, coffee beans and more. Last but not least, gold, silver, and platinum are also available in this class.

A Trading Platform for All Device Types

You can’t deny the fact that today’s world is shifting to mobile solutions pretty fast. Just a few years ago, you could not have traded on your phones because they did not have the features of doing so. In fact, the technology had not advanced enough. As a result, most traders were trading on their desktop computer or laptops. Things changed when smartphones came and now you have many different types of devices. Some people primarily use smartphones for trading while others like to move from one device to another.

It does not matter what your preferred method of trading is because you can trade on just about any device with the web-based trading platform from InteracInvestor. This platform runs on the web, which means the type of device you own really does not matter. In addition to that, you can even use it on many operating systems. You are not limited to just Windows or Android. If you want to use the platform on your iOS devices, you can do that with ease. Also, the same platform will run smoothly on your MAC devices as well.

I must not ignore mentioning that this trading platform is also one of the easiest to use. I am sure that even if you are trading for the first time, you will get your head around it within a few minutes. Its interface is easy to understand and the layout can be arranged as per your preferences.

InteracInvestor trading platform

Perfect Spreads and Leverages

What defines the trading conditions for a trader? Different people count different things as trading conditions but let me tell you that leverages and spreads are the most important components. You can’t really make a lot of money when you have loose spreads on your trades or when the leverages are not big. This is the reason you see the best trading platforms offering you great leverages and tight spreads. And when it comes to tight spreads, I am sure you will have a hard time finding another platform with spreads as tight as those from InteracInvestor.

The company offers you spreads of only 0.1pips. you can already imagine how tight the spreads are. However, you do have to keep in mind that these are the minimum spreads available only on certain assets. The spreads will change from asset to asset. So, before you enter a trade, it is best that you look at the spread information about it. In addition to that, you have some big leverages from the company that increase as you go from basic trading accounts to professional trading accounts. With the basic trading accounts, you have the leverages set at 1:200.

As you go from basic to advanced trading accounts, the leverage increases from 1:200 to 1:300. The best trading accounts offer you leverages of 1:400. Keep in mind that you have to grasp the idea of leverages before you can trade any assets. While they benefit you in a great way, they can also play in the opposite direction. So, be sure to learn about them and use them only when you are 100% sure.

Great Options for Trading Learners

Do you think you are at the beginning stage of your trading career? Are you still looking for ways to learn trading from all possible angles? Are you someone who wants to make sure to trade only when they understand all the concepts really well? Whatever you ask for, I am sure you will get it from InteracInvestor. This company has one of the best education centers in the online trading world, containing all types of training materials for different trader types. If you are looking to learn through ebooks, you can pick from a variety of ebook choices.

If you are in a hurry, how about you go with video-based learning? There is something for every type of trader and learner in this education center. You can learn from the best experts as well if you want. You can have monthly sessions with people who know the ins and outs of trading. You can also increase the frequency of these sessions if you go with an advanced trading account.

It is important that you pay attention to learning how to trade before you put your money on the online. For those who are investing their money in CFD trading, they have to know that they can lose all of their investment by stepping in the wrong direction. It takes time for a trader to learn trading and then implement all the knowledge within their trades. So, once you have made the initial deposit and signed up with InteracInvestor, make sure you spend some time learning before you put your hard-earned cash on the line.

Mentorship and Accountant Help

When you have learned through videos, ebooks, training sessions, and webinars, it is time for you to put your knowledge to test. You have to trade practically, and let me tell you something from my personal experience here. No matter how much time you spend learning how to trade, you will still feel shaky when it comes to trading practically with your real money for the first time. You don’t have confidence in you and you are not sure if you will make any gains on your trade. However, I am glad that a company like InteracInvestor has account manager, analysts, and account monitoring experts to help you get started.

So, as soon as you sign up with a trading account and make the first initial deposit, you will have access to the account manager. I am glad to tell you that this feature is available to you for free when you sign up with a trading account. With other brokers, I have noticed that they charge you an extra sum to let you train with their best experts. In other cases, I have noticed that they allow you to talk and learn from an account manager only when you go with an advanced trading account. I am sure you will love the account manager and mentorship that you get with a trading account from InteracInvestor.

The company has kept things simple and straightforward. Even if you sign up with the basic account, which is the standard account in this case, you will have the account manager as a feature. As you go higher on the list of accounts, you get account managers, analysts and many other experts to help you with your trades.

Trading Tools and Market Signals

Last but not least, as a trader, you need some help in the form of trading tools and market signals. The trading tools are designed by the broker you sign up with or come from third parties to help you calculate certain things or find out the condition of the market. For example, if you have subscribed to a particular news outlet for news on financial events, the feed will be considered a tool. So, when you sign up with InteracInvestor, you will get a variety of tool types from calculators and market insights to market analysis.

These tools are designed to help you with your trades and you don’t have to be under the impression that you need them only when you are a new trader. Even the most experienced traders would always use trading tools before they come up with a conclusion on their trading position. Furthermore, after signing up with InteracInvestor, you will also receive market signals. You can call them trading signals as well, as they help you trade in a particular direction. The signal can tell you if you have to buy an asset or sell the same asset.

Based on the trading signals, you will know which asset to buy and which one to sell. Now, keep in mind that these signals are not 100% correct every time. Even though they are based on the use of many tools and the analyses from many experts, they can still be wrong because they are nothing more than predictions. However, by signing up with InteracInvestor, you can rest assured to receive these signals from the most trusted and reliable parties in the market. Do your own analysis and match the results with the trading signals. If you are on the same page with both of them, you can go ahead and trade with confidence.

Final Thoughts

A trading platform can offer you a stable trading career or a bad start as a trader. When you sign up with the right broker, you know you can go ahead with your trading career conveniently because you are given the best trading conditions along with some great trading tools and security. I think InteracInvestor checks all the boxes in terms of trading experience, security, and profitability. You can always research more on the topic to take a well-informed decision.

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