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Cryptopoint72 logoCryptopoint72 may be a reliable broker as it provides its traders with numerous trading options. This reliable and experienced trading platform offers secure trading opportunities. This Cryptopoint72 review will provide you with comprehensive information on the broker.

Both experienced and inexperienced users will have no trouble navigating and using this platform. There is a learning curve for those just starting with their trading careers. Many traders consider Cryptopoint72 to be a viable alternative since it offers a diverse selection of trading instruments to choose from.

This includes significant currency pairings, minor currency pairings, exotic currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, commodities, exchange-traded funds, and contracts for difference (CFDs).

Cryptopoint72 website

Compliance with Regulations Regarding AML and KYC

The first thing about Cryptopoint72 that will stand out to you is the firm’s commitment to following KYC and AML rules. These initials stand for “know your customer” and “anti-money laundering.” These are the two most important international security rules that, when combined, have the potential to significantly improve the safety of a platform.

This is because users must present documentation that may confirm both their identification and their address to comply with these standards. It is an excellent method for stopping hackers from generating false accounts on the site, which is the primary purpose of this strategy.

To follow these rules, people who sign up for Cryptopoint72 must show proof of their identity with a government-issued ID card, an international passport, a driver’s license, and proof of their address with electricity bills and credit card bills, or bank statements. This makes it easier for the brokerage to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity, robbery, sponsorship of terrorist organizations, and money laundering.

Cryptopoint72 policies

No Complex Registration Requirements

What are the steps to being registered with Cryptopoint72? This is a question that will come up in your head, especially if the idea of opening a trading account causes you to feel a little bit anxious about the future. It’s fantastic that this broker doesn’t demand its customers to cope with any complex or burdensome procedures when they register with them.

This frees you from the responsibilities of worrying about contracts, completing a multitude of documents, and waiting for approval. This form may be filled out by visiting the Cryptopoint72 website and following the on-screen instructions.

It just requires basic information from you, such as your name and surname, an email address and passwords that may be used to log in later, a phone number, and the location you are residing. You will also be required to choose your language, verify that you are above 18, and indicate that you agree with their Terms & Conditions.

A Rewarding Trading Experience

Because it is such an essential part of the whole trading experience, the trading platform that a broker provides should be one of their core services. You will discover that Cryptopoint72 does not let you down in this regard because they have made available to their customers a selection of various platforms to pick from.

You can use WebTrader, which can be accessed via the browser and does not need any downloading on your part. If you have a Windows computer, you may install the desktop platform.

You also can download the mobile trading app that is available for Android, which enables you to trade from any location and gives you additional freedom.

Cryptopoint72’s many trading platforms all make use of cutting-edge technology, which ensures that your trades are executed instantly and eliminates any possibility of lag in the trading process. There is no need to worry about a steep learning curve since the very user-friendly design makes it possible for any trader to use the platform easily.

In addition to these features, you will discover that Cryptopoint72 has combined its platforms with advanced trading tools so that users can make decisions based on accurate information.

When it comes to managing risk, you can select from various order types, live charts, graphs, tools, and indicators for technical analysis, price alerts, and price alerts for trading. Additionally, the most recent news on the financial markets is presented here.


The comprehensive solution that Cryptopoint72 can provide for you includes a wide variety of assets, round-the-clock client service, and conditions that are open and honest.

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