Intel’s new ASIC crypto mining chips might become the new leader in that space. Top semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, recently launched a prototype of its new ASIC miner during the recently concluded ISSCC 2022 conference.

The Making of The Best Mining Rig

While this prototype was the standout presentation from Intel, it wasn’t the only presentation made by the semiconductor manufacturers. One of the other prototypes presented was the bonanza miner chips (BMZ2). 

However, Intel didn’t reveal many details about the BMZ2; it stated that only customers who bought it would have complete information about it. While many were surprised at the short period between the launch of the BMZ1 and BMZ2, they were even more surprised about the latter’s price, efficiency and performance.

The fierce competition in the crypto mining chips market

If the specifications for the BMZ2 revealed by the Griid during its latest SEC filing is anything to go by, then the BMZ2 is far better than what’s currently obtainable in the market. Grid is a firm that manufactures crypto mining hardware components.

Part Griid’s latest SEC filing. Source: Griid

Based on the features in this listing, a comparison between BMZ2 and the Bitmain S19 Pro shows that the BMZ2 is 16% more efficient and costs 50% less than the Bitmain S19 Pro. It has to be noted that the Bitmain S19j Pro is currently the best miner in the market. 

This analysis shows that the BMZ2’s only real competitor would be the S19J XP, which is slightly better than the BMZ2 in performance and efficiency. Simple math shows that the BMZ2 system runs at about 3515W.

Tom’s hardware (a popular blog that provides top analysis on computer hardware components) also analyzed the BMZ2 and came to the same conclusion as mentioned above. While Griid claims that the BMZ2 would cost them about $5,630, Intel likely gave Griid volume pricing. Nonetheless, the BMZ2 is still a steal at that price range compared to the Bitmain S19j pro, which currently retails at $10,460.

A Unique Selling Propositions Asides From Price

Apart from selling crypto miners at cheaper rates, the price of Intel’s crypto miners doesn’t usually fluctuate like other crypto hardware manufacturers like Bitmain. Most of these other crypto hardware manufacturers usually use BTC’s spot trading price and projected payoff time to adjust their crypto miners’ prices.

Conversely, the price of Intel’s crypto miners is fixed and doesn’t fluctuate regardless of BTC’s spot price. Also, the firm doesn’t mind giving discounts for purchases from us firms since it is also a US-based firm. One advantage Intel has over the non-US manufactured miners is that the latter is subjected to 26% tariffs.

Also, most of these miners are from Chinese companies, and they would need to pay heavy export duties since all crypto-related activities are currently banned in China. Hence, the price of these China-built miners would be higher than that of Intel because the manufacturers would need to pay tariffs and make profits too. If the features of Intel’s BMZ2 when launched are the same as the prototype, this miner will rank number one among crypto mining rigs globally.

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