Right now, the original BTC site is no longer active after suffering a DNS attack. The site’s curator, who goes by the pseudonym Cobra, made the announcement this morning.

Website Hackers Want BTC Donation

The attackers even displayed a scam notice seeking free Bitcoin. A Top BTC advocate tweeted that it “seems like Bitcoin.org isn’t active. There is only a scam notice on the website with a call for BTC donations.” The site’s domain host, Namecheap, has disabled the site after Corallo made some queries.

Cobra further revealed that the site wouldn’t be back up for some days. Before displaying a scam notice on the site, users claimed that the scammers may have taken control of the site for some time as it announced a false giveaway with the hackers allegedly receiving almost $17K into their crypto wallet. Cobra’s tweets (now deleted) suggested that CloudFlare may have a hand in the hack.

He stated that this is the first time the website will be hacked, and this happened two months after it moved its servers to the web hosting platform. He also tweeted at the hosting company asking why his website wasn’t getting any traffic during the hack, indicating that they were routing his site’s traffic. This attack is the second time the site will be attacked in the last two months.

The Site Has Faced Multiple Issues In The Last 12 Months

In July, the site experienced a different attack which included a ransom demand for BTC by the attackers. The website has been suffering from various issues following the exit of Nakamoto from the BTC ecosystem a decade ago.

The site had had several owners before Cobra was disclosed as the website’s co-owner eight years ago. Around the middle of last year, Roger ver (a BCH enthusiast and owner of the Bitcoin.com website) revealed that he is open to buying the site.

Some digital assets members alleged that ver’s interest is no longer in BTC as he has proven that he favors BCH over the leading cryptocurrency. Four weeks later, one of Bitcoin.org’s managers, Will Binns, stated that he no longer has access to the site, indicating that the site has been breached.

The Bitcoin.org site represents a part of Bitcoin’s history. Apart from having a domain name exactly as Bitcoin, it was also launched six months before the coin’s founder mined the first-ever bitcoin block over twelve years ago. The site is known as a BTC educational resource and hosts its core. This core links the entire BTC network.

In the meantime, Mike McGlone, a top-level commodities analyst for Bloomberg, has opined that most indications show that BTC will be an asset whose price will keep growing over the long term. He supported his claim that the digital asset keeps growing in strength despite the drop in the value of the US stock market. He said many investors have been moving their investments into bitcoin and other digital assets silently, especially as these virtual assets have ten times outperformed other standard assets such as gold.