Vee Finance was the latest victim of the Defi Hacks. The Defi loan network, which provides conventional financing as well as cryptocurrency, was compromised late last night. The compromise was first announced by the group on its Twitter account, and it went into greater detail about it in a subsequent public notice post. The Vee Accounts department said that they had detected numerous anomalous payments previously in the day and discovered that they had been targeted by an assault, resulting in the loss of a sum of 8804.7 ETH and 213.93 BTC.

“Notification: Our platform may have been abused. All operations have been halted for the time being. We are currently researching the situation; please stay tuned to our main social media platforms for daily developments. Thanks!”- veefinance (@VeeFinance on Twitter)

Halt on Operations and Surveillance

Vee Finance has announced a halt of platform agreements to assure the security of more customers’ funds, as well as the availability of their deposits and lending options to more customers. In contrast, the company has provided assurance to its consumers by declaring that the perpetrator has not moved or filtered the stolen funds further at this time, as determined by continual IP surveillance.

“The VEE team is currently trying to gain a better understanding of the event and will continue to make attempts to reach the perpetrator to regain the funds,” said the team. VEE Finance consumers may be assured that we are handling the situation thoroughly and will do all in our power to safeguard their interests. Via our social media channels and public notifications, we will keep you informed of the latest developments in this issue.”

September Tale of Defi Hacking

Not only has September been unusually negative, but it’s also been a torrential downpour of cyber attacks one after the other. CoinGape has already recorded four Defi breaches in September, and the month is not even through yet. The Defi hackers’ September adventure began with CREAM Finance.

In all, 462,079,976 AMP coins and 2,804,96 ETH coins were obtained by using C.R.E.A.M. Finance. As reported by the network, this was the first occasion that anybody has been able to directly abuse the Defi interface in its entire history. The group said that the attack was being carried out in stages, with the primary vulnerability being followed by a lesser copy-cat.

As the second-worst loss, NowSwap suffered a loss of almost one million dollars in cash. The hackers made off with 535,000 USDT and 158 WETH. USDTs are changed to ETH using the decentralized broadband service 1inch, and then transmitted to the Tornado Cash untraceable trading platform on the Ethernet Square network. ETH is then converted back to USDTs. To conclude, the public was notified by pNetwork of a 277 Bitcoin (BTC) hack, which resulted in a loss of 12.67 million dollars in US dollars.