Miami, a city considered to have a crypto-friendly mayor as well as laws, has witnessed one among the considerably forceful crackdowns on the cybercriminals that utilize Bitcoin. Nearly $34M worth in crypto was confiscated by the federal prosecutors from a person belonging to Florida’s southeastern part.

The BTC funds were collected by a citizen from Parkland who was suspected of manipulating the dark web to trade Uber, HBO, and Netflix account information, as well as the rest of the famous services. The respective crypto holdings firstly had a value of up to $47M, however, due to the decrease witnessed in the primary crypto token’s price across the globe in the recent six months, the present value thereof is approximately $34M.

Huge Bitcoin seizure

As per a news release on the behalf of the United States Department of Justice, the confiscation counted to be among the biggest ever done in the country in terms of crypto. The identification of the person responsible for performing the criminal transfers has not been disclosed by the DOJ, and no indication has been made by the news statement whether an indictment is pursued by the agency.

From 2015 to 2017, the person allegedly committed up to 100,000 fraudulent transfers online. As per the records of the court, the proof of the respective person’s actions is insufficient. Consequently, the feds of Miami started to track the crypto holdings of the citizen whose dwelling was searched however no final proof was found.

As mentioned by the prosecutors, the darknet, or dark web, marketplaces are specifically constructed to persuade the illegal business by guaranteeing that the administrators of the website are anonymous, and the sellers along with the purchasers who make transfers over the site. Apart from this, the release provided particulars about the procedure of the suspect to collect criminal information as well as pay in crypto.

Utilizing chain hopping and tumblers

­Additional investigation of the information of the suspect makes it clear that he utilized tumblers for money laundering via an operation known as chain hopping. Specifically, tumblers are considered to be like blenders. The coins are entered by the people to hide.

These coins are divided into pieces and blended with several other clean tokens in advance of reaching some random addresses. The court records assert that the suspect has not been proven liable for the confiscation of his crypto funds.

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