• Charles Hoskinson stated that the Cardano network would have a similar ride Solana-like performance by the 2022 end.
  • Cardano plans to integrate many hard forks throughout the year to enhance performance.
  • Solana is a top blockchain platform that can handle up to 60,000 tps.

Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson stated that the blockchain expects a significant performance in 2022. The CEO said that ADA/USD would perform like SOL/USD by the year-end.

Cardano blockchain introduced smart contracts capabilities in 2021 September via the Alonzo upgrade. Nevertheless, the platform’s performance has seen critics from different angles. The first DEX on the Cardano platform has encountered massive congestions after launching on the ADA network.

Cardano to See Solana-Like Performance in 2022

Hoskinson stated that the upcoming updates this year would massively improve the system’s expressiveness and scalability, promising users lucrative performance like what platforms such as Solana offer. Basho scaling is among the much-anticipated upgrades on the Cardano ecosystem. Cardano revealed the scaling phase on its roadmap, announced early on the year.

Hoskinson emphasized that his platform would concentrate on sustainability. That will allow Cardano to achieve scalability, growth, and efficiency at an organic pace while remaining functional. The founded added that Cardano is a self-dependent blockchain. He stated that the platform boasts a sturdy governance layer and treasury system. Furthermore, Cardano can print its money, allowing the blockchain to fund its updates seamlessly.

Hoskinson also commented on the Mithril sidechain, which would ensure interoperability with Cardano. He added that Mithril would introduce bootstrapping, chain synchronization, and trust problems within blockchain apps.

Cardano Developments

Cardano blockchain sees significant developments. One of them is the awaited hard forks in June and October. The hard forks will introduce multiple functionalities to the Cardano network, including the Plutus update.

June’s Vasil fork will aim dApp developers that want to integrate pipelining into their apps. Charles Hoskinson believes Cardano will attain increased total value locked once it implements these upgrades. The founder promises the community a platform with lucrative opportunities for investors. Accomplishing the mentioned goals will see $ADA value surging.

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