One of the first things that really make cryptocurrencies special is their volatility. While most people will see it as a bad thing, the truth is that this volatility is also responsible for helping individuals make massive gains. And no matter how low the market gets or how grim things look, investors are confident in the market’s ability to bounce back.

However, with how the market is currently turning out, it is becoming very difficult for investors to stay optimistic. They are consistently worried about how the market will make its comeback, and are especially worried about when it will do it.

Well, according to one analyst in the crypto space, the Bitcoin rallies are very soon and they will be very fast. But that does beg the question, why are so many crypto investors willing to listen to this specific analyst.

Predicting the 2022 Crypto Crash

Each analyst in the crypto market has made a name for themselves for various reasons. While some mainly focus on recommending certain types of cryptocurrencies, others will make predictions that can help others make or save a lot of money.

Going by the Pseudonym Capo, this analyst was able to save investors potentially million, as he was able to predict the massive Bitcoin crash that shook the market. For that fact alone, people are really looking to listen and follow through on the advice that Capo has to give.

Capo also made a number of smaller predictions, with the latest one being his most notable one. Essentially, Capo is making the claim that Bitcoin is going to see a major rally attempt that is going to jump the price significantly.

While the rally will be short lived, investors can ride the wave for what it is worth.

Keeping a Close Eye on Bitcoin

Capo is currently keeping a close eye on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and XLM. While Bitcoin is currently trading at a low-low price of just over $19,000, which he is estimating will go as high as $21,000. However, he is also being very clear that this is a very short lived rally. In fact, as soon as the market reaches $21,000, it will not be able to maintain and will come back crashing down to $19,000 or maybe even lower.

XLM Most Likely to See a Major Rise in Price

XLM is an interesting choice for Capo since the asset is similar to a bridge that is connecting two fiat currencies when someone is sending money abroad. Suffice it to say that Capo believes that XLM could lose 50% of its price as soon as it rallies up to $0.167. And when it drops, it will likely stagnate at its new level for some time.

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