A former hacker called Gummo asserts having collected nearly $7B worth in BTC (Bitcoin). Notwithstanding numerous positive remarks as well as posts regarding his interviews conducted by a YouTube channel named Soft White Underbelly (having up to 3.18M subscribers), information regarding Gummo is rare to be found elsewhere, hinting that some huge assurances would be needed while listening to such overgenerous claims.

He stated having been operating in the respective space for over 30 years, and the authorities caught him for illegal hacking when he started such activities. After that, he moved towards utilizing his abilities for noble purposes like developer consulting, cybersecurity, as well as threat hunting, due to the counseling as well as the support provided to him by his wife.

The recent remarks were witnessed as being included in an interview that was published on 12th March, following the earliest debate that took place in the latter days of 2020.

In the initial video thereof, Gummo expressed to have constructed four supercomputers specified for Bitcoin mining at a time when the value of BTC was nearly between $200 and $300 in 2013. He added that above 80,000 Bitcoin was generated by him during one and a half years. As per his assertions, at present, he has a random amount of 179,000 Bitcoin.

When the informed holdings are calculated in line with the current value of BTC, the hacker is ranked at 369th position among the richest persons across the globe, per the worldwide billionaires’ list published by Forbes. In the words of Gummo, presently he does not have any motivation for money or a job, however, he is motivated to assist the right people online by shielding them from the malicious actors.

While discussing the technological world’s dark side, Gummo cautioned that rapid evolution has been witnessed in hacking and it is not limited to the conventional theft within the banking systems and has widened to unending javascript pop-ups as well as the spamming of computers for data weaponization as well as the utilization of software to swindle people. He also revealed that the authorities are presently keen to start a war on the concept of software deployment for such purposes.

In his words, this is the approaching reality of society though it seems to be quite frightening. The reaction from the community proposes that Gummo is continuously getting respect because of the back story thereof including his difficult upbringing.

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