The OSTP (Office of Science and Technology Policy) – one of the US-President’s Executive Offices – initiated a study for the detection of the span for counterbalancing the power utilization as well as climate alterations associated with the digital assets.

On 9th March, Joe Biden (the president of the United States) sanctioned an executive directive, ordering several federal organizations to analyze the digital assets’ implications on the chief six zones including responsible innovations, financial inclusion, financial stability, investor and consumer protection, tackling the illegal financial operations, as well as the worldwide financial leadership of the United States.

As included in the respective initiative, the common masses, as well as the rest of the stakeholders, have been invited on the behalf of the OSTP to provide their thoughts on several aspects that play their role in the utilization of the energy along with the effect of the entirety of the cryptocurrencies and digital assets on the climate. The agency turned to its official Twitter account to declare that there should be synchronization between the digital assets and the climate-related objectives of the country.

The executive order of the US president directs OSTP to file a report regarding the digital assets for the identification of the aspects having a positive or negative impact on the climate as well as energy-related concerns. As per the formal notice, specifically, the RFI (Right for Information) pursues remarks over the economies, resources, hardware, protocols, as well as the rest of the facets that take part in shaping the utilization of energy and the changes that it may be brought about by all digital-asset types.

Apart from this, OSTP pursues the public viewpoint over the likely advantages offered by the digital assets to address the mounting climate and energy concerns. As per the notice, the inferences of the study will be utilized by the federal authorities to steer the digital assets-related industry trajectories or advancement accordingly. The common masses, as well as the institutions, are called to submit their remarks until 9th May of this year.

Janet Yellen – the Treasury Secretary of the United States (who has been famously criticizing crypto in the previous times) – recently admitted that a significant contribution is being made on the behalf of cryptocurrencies. She added that there are a lot of advantages provided by crypto and some innovations can be included in the payment system due to them, which is good to behold.

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