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Weltex logoIn today’s time, the online trading sector has an abundance of online trading brokerages. However, every brokerage is offering so many services and benefits to make you join them. It does not mean that every service they offer qualifies them for being a professional online trading brokerage. Therefore, it is very important that you be very vigilant when looking for a trusted online trading brokerage. If you are eager to know about an online trading brokerage, which fulfills the criteria for being a professional online trading brokerage, then my Weltex review would definitely come in handy.

Regulatory Compliance by Weltex

Before I talk about any other attribute of Weltex, I must talk about its adherence to the regulatory policies. For any online trading brokerage or financial service provider to operate in a professional trading environment, it must comply with KYC and AML policies.

Weltex website

Weltex’s adherence to the KYC policy means it requires you to provide your personally identifiable information to verify your identity. This way, Weltex ensures it is not providing services to people who are corrupt or part of criminal syndicates who can potentially harm Weltex and its users.

Weltex also adheres to the AML policy meaning that it strictly monitors the inflow and outflow of every transaction through its system. If any transaction has the potential to be of high risk or originates from a criminal/corrupt source, it is reported to the regulatory authorities accordingly.

By doing this, Weltex makes the attempt of providing you with an environment where you are not afraid of losing your funds due to the crackdown of the regulators.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Weltex makes sure that you are tension-free when it comes to making a deposit or requesting a withdrawal. Therefore, it offers you some of the most trusted and highly secure payment methods. You are offered payment methods such as “payment method 1”, “payment method 2”, and “payment method 3”. It is completely up to your discretion which payment method you wish to go with.

When you request a withdrawal from Weltex, you have to give Weltex up to 7 working days so they can process the request.

Transaction Security via Encryptions

Weltex wants you to make your transactions without feeling trouble or feeling concerned about sharing your personal and financial information. Each transaction that you make is fully secure due to the SSL Security System. Whether it is an inbound transaction or an outgoing one, it is protected with the help of encryptions. This way, all your personal and financial information is secure, and no hacker or trespasser can gain access to it.

Trading Courses and Learnings

Weltex trading courses

Weltex not only wants you to trade but it also wants to learn about trades, and their trading tips/tricks. For this purpose, Weltex has put together highly sophisticated yet comprehensible educational content. The content also includes trading videos, economic calendars, trading alerts, market news, market analysis report, and eBooks among many more.

Through the educational content and trading courses, you get to learn so much about the trading markets, their trends, strategies, and maneuvers. You learn so many things about online trades through the learning content and can implement them into your daily trading activities.

24/7 Customer Support Team

The customer support teams at Weltex are highly professional and experienced in dealing with your day-to-day queries at Weltex. You can get in touch with Weltex’s customer support representatives any time you want. They are very professional and empathetic when listening to your queries, and provide you with the most effective solution.

You can get in touch with them via landline, email, and chat support, and they would reply to you very promptly.

Weltex Trading Platform by Weltex

To make sure you are able to perform trades at your full potential, Weltex provides you with one of the most reliable online trading platforms known as Weltex. It is one of the most preferred and adopted online trading platforms by all major and professional online trading brokerages.

Weltex doesn’t want you to feel that you are provided with mediocre-level trading services. This is the reason why it offers you the ability to trade with one of the most advanced trading platforms.

The platform comes equipped with several trading features and services. Some of the most prominent features/services Weltex has to offer include:

  • Trading Signals
  • Market Analysis Report
  • Daily Market News
  • Automated Trading
  • Trading Instructions
  • Charting Tools
  • Real-time Quotes
  • Research Options
  • Historical Reports
  • Performance Graphs
  • So much more

In addition to the above features, you are also able to use the Weltex platform via browsers, tablets, smartphones, desktops, and laptops.

Accounts Based on Market Exposure

Another major benefit of trading with Weltex is that you are offered a variety of trading accounts. These trading accounts are formed based on your trading experience, needs, learnings, understanding, and exposure within the trading markets. At present, Weltex offers you trading accounts that include a “first account” for basic trading purposes, and “second & third accounts” for mediocre level trading. Finally, come the “fourth & fifth” trading accounts that you can choose if you consider yourself an expert and want to test your trading skills to the fullest.

The “first account” comes with the minimum deposit requirement, and the “fifth account” comes with the highest (minimum) requirement. Weltex also offers you the ability to perform leverage trading as well as perform trades with lose & tight spreads. This way, you can increase your chances of generating high gains if things seem to be going your way.

Major Trading Assets

Weltex does not want to limit your trading skills to a single trading instrument. Instead, it offers you diversity when it comes to the provisioning of trading instruments. At present, the most demanded and highly adopted trading instruments in the online trading market are commodities, forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

Surprisingly, Weltex offers all of them, so you get to try the trading instrument that you find suitable for your trading experience and capabilities.

Ending Thoughts

One of the major misconceptions about online trading is that it is passive income and all you have to do is make an investment, and do nothing at all. If you believe the same then the reality may hit you hard, because it is very important that you give full attention to online trades once you’ve made an investment. If you don’t pay attention to your investments and trades, you have the chance of losing everything in the blink of an eye.

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