On Monday, VanEck announced the launch of the VanEck community NFT, an initiative where crypto investors and anyone curious about the NFT space can join the firm’s crypto community. As part of the launch, 1,000 VanEck NFTs would be released to demonstrate the actual utility of NFTs.

The asset management firm is convinced that a demonstration of the utility inherent in NFTs will be of immense benefit for the present and future growth of the NFT space and the smart contract technology used in developing them.

The Vaneck – NIJMOMO Collaboration

VanEck’s community NFTs will be launched in collaboration with NIJMOMO, a top NFT agency. A peculiar NFT project available on launch day is the Hammy (a representation of Alexander Hamilton). Hammy uses the present and past monetary policies to develop the best approaches for the future.

However, he meets various personalities who help him achieve his goal. VanEck has divided the 1,000 NFTs into three categories – Commons, Rare, and Legendary. Each category has 750, 230, and 20 NFTs, respectively. There are exclusive benefits to holding NFTs in any of the categories.

Some of those benefits include exclusive access to top virtual and physical events and some of the company’s top research reports about cryptocurrencies. While speaking about the launch, one of VanEck’s top-level executives, Matthew Bartlett, stated that “our VanEck community NFT can be likened to a digital membership card.

“Holders of such a card can have a holders-only invite to various events, research works, and top influencers in the crypto space.”

Another executive member, JP Lee, further said, “we are also not neglecting the original perception about NFTs – a display of compelling digital art. One of our top goals is to use our NFTs to stir up conversations within the NFT space. Two of the amazing features of these NFTs are the amazingly unique 3D avatars and the style of video narration. Any holder seeking to enhance their understanding of finance will find our Hammy character a handy guide.”

More Details About The Launch

The portal page for the VanEck community NFT states that the NFTs will become available today, with the first 1,000 signups receiving theirs through an airdrop. It is remarkable to note that anyone without a crypto wallet address can’t receive an NFT. However, VanEck has released a detailed guide for those who don’t have a crypto wallet address but are willing to have one.

VanEck’s partner for this launch is Asia-based NIJMOMO. The South Korea-based firm continues to be involved in various NFT projects to entice as many people as they can into the metaverse world. While speaking about NIJMOMO’s collaboration with VanEck, its CEO, Rolf Hoefer, said, “we are excited about this partnership because it is a collaboration between two forward-thinking firms, with the sole objective of exploring the NFT space through advanced technology.”

He added that “VanEck’s staff and volunteers for this project are doing great work as they’ve made part of our work easier for us. Hence, we are naturally excited to keep working on this project.” Anyone interested in getting updates about this project can always follow VanEck’s official Twitter handle.

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