The DOJ (Department of Justice) of the United States is leveling accusations against a crypto mining firm’s CEO for operating a worldwide investment scam project. As per a statement issued on the behalf of the DOJ, the founder as well as the chief executive of MCC (Mining Capital Coin), told a lie to the investors regarding the crypto mining potential as well as the operation of the proprietary token of the company while stealing up to $62M from their investments along with storing them into crypto wallets administered by him.

The statement noted that Capuci as well as the co-conspirators thereof promoted the purported global network of devices for mining crypto as having the potential to make considerable gains and definite returns by the utilization of the money of the investors for mining more cryptocurrency. In addition to this, Capuci advocated for the native cryptocurrency of MCC – Capital Coin – having a status of purported DAO that was stabilized via the revenue generated by the largest operation of crypto mining throughout the world.

As charged in the accusation, nonetheless, Capuci led a fraudulent investment project and did not utilize the funds of the investors to mine unique crypto, as sworn, but rather took the capitals to crypto wallets that were under his administration. It was additionally asserted by the DOJ that Capuci cheated the investors by deceiving them regarding the firm’s trading bots manufactured by the prominent software developers across the United States, Russia, and Asia, and by initiating a pyramid project.

According to the allegations, Capuci executed an investment scam project taking into account the Trading Bots as well as utilizing MCC Trading Bots for the generation of revenue for investors, however, was stealing the funds for the co-conspirators and himself. Another allegation leveled against Capuci is to have hired affiliates as well as promoters to advocate for MCC and several investment projects thereof via a multi-stage marketing project, normally referred to being a pyramid scheme.

The CEO is additionally accused of being involved in several crimes, taking into account conspiring to perform wire scams, to perform scams, as well as money laundering, as per the statement issued by the agency. If the accused is found guilty of the above-mentioned allegations, maximum cumulative imprisonment of 45 years would be experienced by him.

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