Olive Allen, a Russian and NFT artist, has revealed her stance regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine despite the potential risks she might face later on. Having spent more than a decade in the US, Allen went and stood in front of the consulate general of the Russian Federation in New York and burnt her copy of Russia’s international passport.

Allen revealed that her decision and action were based on the fact that she doesn’t intend to return to Russia until there is a change in the current Russian government. She further stated that she has been investing in the crypto space for more than three years and won’t want Russia’s actions to negatively impact her crypto portfolio based on her nationality.

According to her, another reason for her decision was to change the perception that all Russian nationals support Putin’s Ukraine invasion. But she remarked that she has some friends and loved ones back home who don’t see anything bad about the Russian government’s actions because they have been ‘brainwashed’ to believe so.

My Return To Russia During This Regime Is Impossible

Despite being Russian by birth, Allen stated that “I won’t consider Russia my home under the current administration.” Following her public disapproval of her home government and passport burning, Allen may find it difficult to return to Russia if there is a need for repatriation.

Allen acknowledged this to be true, saying, “I’ll be arrested immediately if I ever step my foot on Russian soil under the current administration.” She further tweeted that she stands with Ukraine and intends to sell the NFT of her “burnt passport” on the super rare NFT marketplace. The artist then pledged to donate all the revenue from these sales to save the children internationally through giving block – a non-governmental organization.

The description for Allen’s NFT listing reads: “it breaks my heart that innocent people are being killed currently, and there is wanton destruction of properties in Ukraine right now. While I believe in Russia, I do not believe in the way Putin is running the affairs of the country, which explains my reason for burning my passport.” She further wrote that “I am a peace and freedom advocate today and daily.” Allen has sold her NFT for 3.67 ETH after receiving 15 bids.

There Is More To Citizenship Renouncement Than Passport Burning

A 2002 Russian federal legislation has made it clear that no one can renounce Russian citizenship simply by burning their passport. Part of that legislation stated that “a Russian living outside the country can renounce their citizenship at will. However, they must be a citizen of another country before their renouncement or be in debt to the Russian federation criminally or otherwise.”

Thus, the only legal way Allen could renounce her Russian citizenship is to present an untarnished passport at the Russian embassy and fill out the necessary paper works. There have been other individuals and organizations doing various things to raise money and donate the proceeds to Ukraine in this period.

Recently, Time Magazine launched artists for peace, a Web3 initiative containing some of Time’s top pieces from nearly 60 artists. These pieces will be sold as NFT auctions, with all the proceeds donated to the Ukraine-related non-profit charity platforms. Proceeds from the sale of three Solana-based NFTs have been donated to Aid For Ukraine NGO, while the Ukraine government is also selling some recently developed NFTs to generate additional financial aid for the war.

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