The ministry of digital transformation in Ukraine has used non-fungible tokens and crypto, along with CryptoPunks, endeavoring to provide humanitarian aid as well as fund the country’s army. The funds taken from the crypto donation venue, (started on the behalf of the country’s government to buy supplies for the army of the nation) have been put to work by the Ukrainian officials during a continuous battle being fought by Russia with Ukraine.

In a Twitter post shared on Friday, Mykhailo Fedorov (the minister of digital transformation in Ukraine) declared that the almost five all-terrain automobiles had been purchased on the behalf of the nation to be utilized in a time of some perplexing atmosphere, perhaps pointing toward the situation close to the front lines shared between the conflicting countries or where some damage or destruction has been caused to the roads.

Funds specified for three of the ATVs were taken from the donations to support Ukraine. A venue was launched by the authorities in March to embrace donations in crypto for the support of people who fight for their freedom. At the moment, up to $60M worth of USDC (USD Coin), SOL (Solana), DOT (Polkadot), USDT (Tether), ETH (Ether), and BTC (Bitcoin) has reportedly been collected by Ukraine as support.

On Wednesday, Fedorov reported that a few funds had in advance been utilized by the government for the provision of five thousand gas masks to the army as well as the border guards of the state. Support for the country has additionally delivered five thousand thermal and optical imaging instruments for the military of the country since the commencement of the battle.

The other things in this respect take into account the clothing, vehicles, medical supplies, tablets, and bulletproof vests, along with aiding the Ukrainians who are leaving the country to discover some accommodations as well as support. The official Twitter account named Aid For Ukraine brought to the front that recently the DPSU_ua (State Border Service) obtained 31 thermal imaging instruments.

It also added that within two months of the ongoing battle, up to 5,307 thermal and optical imagers had been bought for the country’s military. Since the battle originated in February, the government of Ukraine has moved toward crypto several times to get funds from the parties concerned with the matter. Fedorov declared in April that the NFT-based contributions regarding the war would also be accepted by the government to be traded to provide the funds for the victory of the country.

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