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TradeBaionics logoOne of the great trading classes, which never gets old, is the commodity trading. It is also one of the most popular type of trading in which a trader gets a chance to trade in essential commodities. This type of trading is lucrative but the lucrativeness is rather attached with the broker with whom the trader is associated with. In the perspective of online trading too, commodity trading requires brokerage service and there is no shortage of commodity trading service providers. However, the problem is in finding the right brokerage and this is the reason for TradeBaionics Review.

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TradeBaionics – An Extraordinary Brokerage Firm

TradeBaionics is a brokerage service provider which deals particularly in commodities as well as indices, crypto, forex, stocks, bonds, metals etc. Because of its extraordinary brokerage services, TradeBaionics has expanded a great deal and become one of the leading online brokerage firm. Perhaps the lost cost and low margin are two of the main reasons which led TradeBaionics to provide most prudent online trading environment.

It is purely a multi-dimensional trading firm but the highlight trading in the platform are commodity and crypto trading. Commodities are items of daily use and therefore this type of trading involves huge volumes of trading on daily basis. However, before the online trading came in, commodity trading was being done purely in-house by traditional traders only. But the internet allowed people like us to be part of commodity trading activity and take out our due shares of profits.

So for a person to be able to trade commodities with TradeBaionics there are a few pre-requisites which needs to be met first and will be discussed below.

Types of Accounts

As is the case with traditional brokerage houses, TradeBaionics also offers trading accounts which are obtained by traders. They come in various types but disregarding their numbers, they all apparently fall within the account types of basic, average and advanced. The difference between them is the initial deposit requirement and value added services which vary from account to account. A trader must select an account and deposit the initial deposit because it is only then a trade deal can be explored and entered into.

Trading Platforms

TradeBaionics trading platforms

TradeBaionics owns its very own trading platforms like the web trader and mobile trader. Both have been exclusively designed and developed by none other than the team of TradeBaionics’s hired developers. Both of them are highly efficient and successfully fulfill their intended purposes. At the same time, they are competitive with any other similar platforms offered by any brokerage services.

Apart from mobile and web traders, TradeBaionics also offers MT4 as a third party platform. MT4 needs no introduction as every online trader is quite aware of its uses and benefits.

Education & Research

The education and research materials provided by TradeBaionics worth reading as they contain thought-provoking information and ideas. Their reading is even essential for understanding different markets through different perspectives. The platform houses a comprehensive education library which to me is the best of the best feature. Within this library there are learning programs, including one-on-one training sessions, and videos and webinars. A beginner must make good use of them for enabling himself to take full advantage of what he has been offered by TradeBaionics.

Customer Service

It has to be a proud moment for every service provider if its customer service hasn’t been criticized by anyone ever. Perhaps it is because TradeBaionics’s customer service remains available 24/7 and there are enough telephone numbers on which the traders can call. Similarly, it takes less than a minute for a trader to get connected with the official and address his issue. Otherwise, there are other methods of contacting which too are as effective as phone call like live chat, contact form and email service.

Bottom line

I can say without hesitation that TradeBaionics is the best trading platform to begin commodity trading for many reasons. For example, it provides high quality education, offers cheap rates, quality research remains at disposal and trading can be executed at great convenience through computers and mobile phones. Undoubtedly, beginners can learn a great deal from TradeBaionics’s education library.

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