The community at the back of SushiSwap (a decentralized exchange) has proposed that the SushiDAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) should develop a foundation or association to lower the future hazards. The proposal of 20 March on the platform of SushiSwap is called Sushi Legal Structure. The target of the agenda is to incorporate a legal portion to the existing DAO for the present contributors as well as the holders of the tokens.

The organization or foundation’s construction will offer legal transparency related to the obligations and rights of the people that have engaged with the project. In addition to this, it would deliver limited accountability in the case of the token holders along with the creation of a structure to deal with the management problems associated with the DAO.

Future is in the foundations

Tangle (a community member who shared the proposal) stated that several jurisdictions are contemplating constructing a DAO body, however, Switzerland was considered to be the frontrunner in the respective field because of the most prominent regulation thereof called Swiss Association law. Presently, the ecosystem of SushiSwap is administered on the behalf of a DAO such as most projects in the field of DeFi (decentralized finance) to achieve some extent of decentralization.

An association or foundation would offer a formal legal characteristic to the institution which may contain some degree of centralization. According to the estimate, one-time management charges would be nearly between $85,000 and $100,000 whereas the recurring charges would be $10,000. The respective proposal mentioned that the initial moves in the formulation thereof would specify the participants constructing them, operating the distribution as well as the transfer of the tokens, and the association articles’ drafting.

Community’s response

The response given to the respective proposal was optimistic and the majority of the respondents expressed that the right track was being followed by the protocol in the case of the proposal. Pegbit (a community member) revealed that Sushi is presently standing at a junction, and the way taken by it from here would be the basis of its future popularity.

Whereas fellow participant named ‘hemletmachine’ remarked that Sushi is not compelled by the ultimate legal structure to step aside from providing services internationally to the entirety of the people on an equal basis. Up till now a 100% go-ahead signal has been given by the community for the creation of a legal body as well as to get the legal counsel engaged in the first checking phase.

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