Quantbitex Review

Quantbitex logoDoes online trading excite you? Do you wish to jump in this industry and tap into profitable assets? If that is so, you will have to first sign up on a competent trading platform that can support you at each stage of your trading journey.

The million-dollar question here is which platform do you select from the dozens out there? Keep in mind that this is a very important step and it is pivotal that you choose the most suitable online trading platform that you can rely on in the long-term. My suggestion in this regard will be the Quantbitex  platform.

This actually a very impressive trading platform that has many useful features that any trader can use to their benefit. If you wish to accomplish your trading goals in the shortest period of time, this platform is the right one for you! The following Quantbitex review is a very detailed one that highlights all the top features of this particular trading platform.

Make sure you go through all of these features to gain maximum insight into one of the leading platforms out there in 2021. So without any further delay, keep reading to learn more about what Quantbitex has to offer to everyone.

Trading Platform Web Trader .
Assets Stocks, Indices, Gold, Forex and Commodities
Banking Options Credit/Debit card, Bank Draft, Union Pay and Wire Transfer.
Account Types 3 different types of accounts
Leverage 1:200
Contact Support@Quantbitex.com
Security Features Firewall and SSL encryption
Customer Support  24/5

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Several Banking Channels Supported by the Platform

It is quite true that majority of the investment and trading brokers and platforms support just one payment channel for making deposits and withdrawals. This can be a huge obstacle for most traders as they would not have the convenience to pick the banking channel that suits them best.

I would like to point that when you trade online on the Quantbitex platform, you have the freedom to choose between several banking options when you are making your transactions on the platform.

These options primarily include bank transfers, Union pay, credit cards and debit cards. You can choose from any of these to top up your investment account on the platform. Credit card is usually the fastest method for a small transaction while bank transfers are preferred for big payments. That said, you can select any of these you want!

Also, all of these channels are 100 percent secure and you will not face any risk issue at all when you are making your deposits or withdrawals. Another cool feature is the automatic notification feature. Every time you make a transaction on the platform, you will automatically receive a message in your inbox detailing the specifics of the transaction.

By keeping track of these messages, you will know how much funds are going in and coming out of your Quantbitex investment account at all times. Choosing your desired payment channel on the platform is easy as well. Thankfully, you do not have to jump any hoops and fill out long forms every time when making a transaction.

You just click on your screen a couple of times, type in the transaction amount and you are good to go! The entire process of making the transaction will easily be over in less than a minute! Overall, banking on the Quantbitex platform is a seamless experience for almost every trader registered.

Client Support

There is no doubt that rock solid client support is the foundation of any thriving online investment and trading firm. Without this customer support, traders and investors would have nowhere to turn to with their questions and concerns.

Hence, you should only engage on a platform where the client support is excellent in every single aspect. Thiis is why you will be pleased to know that when it comes to customer support for traders, Quantbitex is fantastic and then some!

All of their support agents are very qualified people that have a lot of experience in online trading. Their team comprises financial agents, account managers and several other people who you can rely on for any kind of queries or concerns. Since all their people are very skilled, you can be assured that they will assist you in the most efficient manner possible.

Whether you need technical help, have a basic question or just want some advice, you can always rely on their team without fail! Also, you can expect very prompt service from them at all times. Their people work round the clock from Monday to Friday and will respond swiftly within the business hours. Yu can rest assured that they will not keep you hanging after you reach out to them.

To contact the Quantbitex client support team, you can fill the contact form that you will find on their official website with your details and message.

After that, one of their agents will get back to you. You can also email their team, call them on their number or use the live chat option which is a great communication feature that they have recently introduced. It allows you to connect with one of their agents immediately and have your query answered without wasting any time.

Security Features

Just like customer support, client support is another important feature of an online trading platform. Without the correct security measures put in place, a trader can end up losing his investment and personal information to some hacker or criminal who breaks into the database.

This however will not be an issue when you choose to trade assets on the Quantbitex platform. Their platform has a very robust security system that makes it impossible for any hacker or unauthorized person to break in and steal valuable data of the investors and traders who are registered on the platform.

Quantbitex makes use of powerful security features to make this possible. For instance, they have their own advanced encryption software that encrypts all of your data so that no one else can access it. There is also a firewall system in place that keeps all intruders out of the main database.

There is not a chance someone can break in and access any information you have shared on the platform- you can be 100 percent assured of that. Quantbitex also utilizes verification procedures such as dual factor authorization. This makes sure that identity theft is not an issue and only you and you alone can access your trading account on the platform.

When you consider the big picture, the Quantbitex security network is immensely powerful and you can trade with them without any issue or concern. You can also rest easy that your funds and information will stay protected at all times round the clock and that when you trade on this platform, you are doing so in a bubble that cannot be penetrated by anyone other than you!

Quantbitex Algo Trading Feature

Among its other useful features, the algo trading feature is probably one of the best offerings of the Quantbitex trading platform. If you do not know about it, it is basically a computer program that you leverage to place trades on your behalf. You give this program some trading instructions of your choice which it then utilizes to evaluate and execute trades on the platform.

Although you can do the trading yourself but that would consume time. When you use this Quantbitex algo trading feature, you can save a lot of your time as the program is doing the trading for you. Your role is to just sit back and cherish all the profits that you make from the trades.

I will also like to point out that when you utilize the Quantbitex algo trading feature, you will have the advantage of placing very quick trades. That is because the computer program works very fast to maximize your trading opportunities on the Quantbitex platform. The end result of this is that since you are placing maximum trades in a certain time frame, you can make more profits quickly as well.

Also, all trades made by this algo trading program will be very accurate since they are based on live data. So the chances of you making any unpredictable trades and losing all your investment is very less. Altogether, using the Quantbitex algo trading feature is a safe and reliable way of making profits while not actually doing the trading yourself!

Trading Instruments on Offer

When you trade online on the Quantbitex platform, you can select between multiple instruments of trade that are on offer. Most brokers provide only limited options in this regard but that is not the case when you trade on Quantbitex.

On this platform, you can choose from multiple categories that include Forex, gold stocks, indices and more. All of the assets that belong to these categories are available in the same database so you can make your selection easily without having to consider any other trading platform.

Also all of the trading assets available are verified and you can be assured that you are not going to be scammed. You have the freedom to select any asset you want to invest in without any kind of restriction.

As long as you have the investment available, feel free to choose as many assets as you like. Keep in mind that you have to do your own evaluation at your end to find the most profitable assets.

If you are not sure which asset to invest in (and this is often the case with newbies), you can contact your broker or some other trading expert who can walk you through the available options depending on how much investment you have set aside and what your exact trading goals are.

Quantbitex assets3 Different Types of Trading Accounts

On the Quantbitex platform, there are 3 different types of trading accounts available and you have the luxury to sign up for anyone. This is a big convenience as you can go for the account that best aligns with your interests and trading goals.

The 3 accounts available are Silver, Gold and Platinum. All 3 of these have their own features and it is recommended that you register for the one that can help you meet your financial goals in the long term. Of course, you can always upgrade to a different account type at any point in your trading journey.

The Quantbitex Gold or Platinum trading account is most likely your best bet if you have deeper pockets and much bigger trading goals. Although the initial deposit is higher for these accounts, you can make profits faster by tapping into more opportunities as you expand your trading portfolio.

Also, since will be investing in multiple assets instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, you can keep your profits low as well. In addition, when you register for the Quantbitex Platinum or gold trading account, you will receive extra privileges such as tighter trading spreads and priority customer support to assist you in your journey.

On the flip side, the Quantbitex Silver account could be the better option for you if you wish to start trading on a small scale with a small budget while keeping your risks low.  You do not need to make a big deposit upfront to register for this trading account and you will also have access to all the basic trading tools to get you started.

It is vital to note that no matter which type of trading account you go for, you will receive 100 support from the Quantbitex team.

Minimal Fees

Most investment brokers and trading firms around the world charge high fee from the trader when he or she generates any revenue from the platform. What that means is that from any profits you make from your trades, the platform will take a cut in terms of commissions and spreads.

That however, is not a concern when you choose to trade on the Quantbitex platform. On this platform, the broker commissions are next to nothing and the spreads are very tight. The result of the low commissions and the tight spreads is that you can hold on to most of your profits instead of paying much to the platform. This is the ideal situation any online trader around the world wants and it is also why most traders prefer to trade on Quantbitex.

You should also know that you will not have to pay any extra or hidden fee as well at any stage of your online trading journey on the Quantbitex platform. This platform is fully transparent regarding their payment process so you have nothing to be worried about.

You can be assured of that! Furthermore, there is no service charge either for the deposits or withdrawals you make on the platform. In this way, you can save ample money, especially if you make frequent transaction from your account every single day.

Compatibility with All Modern Devices

One of the defining features of any rock-solid trading platform is that it is fully compatible with all modern devices being used these days.

You can login your Quantbitex account from any device of your choosing and rest assured that you will have the best possible trading experience. The common devices that the Quantbitex platform can be accessed from includes smart phones, desktops, tablets and laptop devices.

You can pick from any of these devices to trade on the Quantbitex platform. Also, you may switch devices if you please. For instance, you can trade from your laptop in the evening and from your smart phone in the morning next day while you are travelling to work.

Since the Quantbitex trading software can be directly downloaded in your device, trading becomes very simple and convenient. All you need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

In addition, there will not be any issue of technical glitches when you are trading on any device. If you do somehow encounter a minor difficulty, the Quantbitex customer support will always be willing to help and fix the issue for you. Also, the Quantbitex user interface is easy to operate.

You can navigate it very easily and without needing any external assistance from someone. All options on the screen are easily laid out so you can get the hang of everything in no time. This is good news particularly for those who are new to the domain of online trading and have not used a trading software before.

Quantbitex platformEducational Materials Available on the Platform

Most of the online trading platforms have educational materials for the benefit of the traders and Quantbitex is no exception. In fact, on this platform, you will find ample learning materials that you can make use of in each stage of your online trading journey.

The most prominent ones include trading videos and trading patterns and charts that you can leverage to evaluate trades better. You can also boost your online trading knowledge by watching the videos.  There is also a trading glossary on the Quantbitex platform that features all the common trading terms that you ought to know about.

If you are a beginner in the trading world, you will find this glossary very useful and you can refer to it anytime you want to look up a certain trading term that you are not familiar with. All the terms are explained in easy to understand language so you will not have any issue understanding anything.

I will also like to highlight that every learning resource on the Quantbitex platform has been complied by trading experts who know everything about online trading. Thus, you can be assured that any information you glean from these educational materials will be highly accurate and devoid of any factual mistakes.

Overall, the Quantbitex learning resources are very informative and you can use them for your advantage regardless of whether you are an advanced level trader or have just signed up on the platform.

Simple Registration Process

It is very irritating when you have to go through a long-drawn and complicated registration process when you are registering on a trading platform for the first time. If the signing up process is complex, it can consume a lot of your time as you fill in a lot of extra details and upload several documents.

You will be relieved to know that when you decide to make Quantbitex your online trading partner, you can benefit from a very seamless and smooth registration process on the platform. All you are required to do is put in some basic details like your name, phone number, residential address, email address etc.

After that you upload a document like your ID card for verification process and the system will verify your identity within minutes! Just ensure you upload the correct document that is clearly visible. In this way, the verification process will not take much time.

After verification, you can proceed directly to your Quantbitex dashboard where you will be allowed to explore and choose your desired assets that you are interested in investing in. The A-Z registration process is hassle free and of course, there is the reliable Quantbitex customer team to lean on to if you have any queries along the way.

Quantbitex Simple Registration ProcessWrapping it Up

To summarize, the Quantbitex trading platform is crammed with several useful as you have just read about in this detailed review. Apart from the many services and features on offer, this trading platform has excellent credibility which is why so many traders prefer it over any other trading platform out there.

They are also very reliable and secure and have stellar customer support who you can count on at any stage of your trading journey regardless of whether you are a pro trader or a newcomer.

So are you ready to get started with Quantbitex? Just go to their website, sign up for a trading account, wire your funds and you can begin trading. The process is simple and you will be glad in hindsight that you chose to trade on the Quantbitex platform.