NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and digital assets are included in the ten prominent trends across the industry of sports, as per a report from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) regarding North America. While discussing the things like the modification of the infrastructure related to sports technology as well as making enhancements to consumer engagement, the report mentions three chief utilizations for non-fungible tokens and other similar products to outline the sports’ future.

The initial utilization takes account of collectible NFTs (the assets through which the digital content of a limited edition as well as the collectibles are sold). This points towards the conventional memorabilia such as players’ trading cards or historic matches’ tickets stubs that the NFT creators can digitalize, mint, as well as trade over the blockchain. It was added by the report that the display, as well as sharing of the respective collectibles, could be performed throughout metaverses.

The prominent instance of a collection of collectible NFTs is Dapper Labs’ NBA Top Shot. The best plays or highlights from NBA history are tokenized by the marketplace which comes next to the blockchain-based game Axie Infinity having the majority of the NFT transfers across the industry of blockchain gaming with a valuation of $827M during 2021. Autograph – the marketplace for NFT collectibles under the ownership of Tom Brady (a retired quarterback from NFL), is another remarkable example, as it raised $170 recently in Series B funding collection.

Then, NFTs, STMs (season ticket members) could be seen as another huge utilization. The provision of evaluated tokenized passes to the season-ticket members would uplift the experience of those who are in advance devoted fans.

Collectible NFTs of special editions for their attended games could also be provided to the STMs utilized to access stadium experiences as well as special content. The sponsors could also take benefit if their sponsored teams allow them to guarantee that any of the additional benefits are not lost by the consumers who drop their physical tickets.

After that, virtual access tokens – that are specified for the fans prioritizing to recompense additional funds for digital experiences as well as may be unable to personally attend the games – are anticipated to be highly demanded. Categorized as season tickets’ unique version, the virtual access token owners could access additional behind-the-scene bonuses like virtual access to the locker rooms, bench cams, or player cams.

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