OpenSea – the most prominent marketplace of NFTs – has declared approaching incorporation of support for SOL (Solana) blockchain on the venue, which counts to be a long-awaited step that, according to the suggestion of numerical data and industry experts, could provide reciprocal advantages throughout both ecosystems, along with the positive sentiments in terms of a broader NFT world.

Planned to start on a date (in April) that has not yet been declared, Solana will shake hands with a group of three networks including Klaytn, layer-2 Polygon, and Ethereum as well as will be accessible through the rankings page of the venue’s website. By sharing a large number of Twitter posts as well as media publications regarding the capability for a Solana-based launch, OpenSea happily pointed toward the declaration to be the best-kept secret so far Web3 is concerned.

Adam Montgomery – the Head of Blockchain – additionally expressed his point of view regarding the launch, appreciating the move. The teaser video of just sixteen seconds got considerable fanfare, having approximately 21,700 likes, 8,964 retweets, as well as 615, 500 views within the eighteen hours after its release.

The rise of LooksRare (an NFT marketplace) the last January was the initial genuine trial of a model which offered seasoned investors a chance to get a hold of LOOKs governance tokens as rewards in return for the platform’s usage. Dune Analytics’ published quantitative data discloses that a cumulative number of 55,874 consumers have been registered by LooksRare since its start on 10th January, providing more than $21.3B worth in trading volume.

On the other hand, 884,052 is the number of latest clients registered on the behalf of OpenSea since its competitor’s launch, nonetheless, the respective investors have just traded a small amount in volume above $12B. That is why, at present, LooksRare is competing for market share in the case of trading volume, having a percentage of almost 52.4% in comparison with 47.6% of OpenSea.

Discussing the ecosystem of Solana, data from DappRadar marketplaces indicates that currently the space is led by Eden with a trading volume of $41.05M during the last 30 days, after which come Solsea and Solanart with 656,830 and $4.39M respectively. After the collaboration of Magic Eden with Overtime (an entertainment company), Jack Lu – Magic Eden’s co-founder – voiced their trust in the potential of NFTs to be the sports fans’ next generation in a thoroughly diverse manner than millennials’ last generation.

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