Notwithstanding the decline in the prices of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the play-to-earn type of NFT gaming is moving ahead as a lot of people witness its potential to provide a living. A survey which was organized in the Philippines brought out that cumulative respondents’ 32 percent proportion mentioned to exit the job or consider about it if they are provided with a full-time earning on the behalf of NFT games.

The CEO of Balthazar (a platform for NFT gaming), John Stefanidis, stated that the results are not surprising for him. Several people are willing to depart their present jobs for playing NFT-based games, as the same earning would be made by them in that way, if not above that. A Filipino gamer named Jesus Dawal mentioned that presently NFT games’ earnings are not much promising.

He added that blockchain gaming counts to be a revolutionary idea without a doubt, however currently it does not have adequate support for him. As per him, he would become a part of this field when the expectations are fulfilled with further development in this sector. He asserted that he would have a significant encouragement to quit his job and follow blockchain gaming if more sustainability and maturity is incorporated into the P2E ecosystem.

Luis Buenaventura – the country manager of YGG Pilipinas – is also of the view that people are following the trend of dedicating the entirety of their time to NFT gaming. On being asked regarding the subject, he expressed that without the potential consequences thereof, the tendency for leaving the jobs is getting stemmed among people for P2E gaming. Nonetheless, the executive points out that blockchain gaming is not the only field getting prominence, the rest of the opportunities in the sector of cryptocurrency are also escalating.

It is also probable that people look for substitutive methods of income through cryptocurrencies generally, rather than exploring P2E specifically. He revealed that game-related earning as well as yield farming-related earning are not different operations, and several of the effective participants are involved in both these activities.

Formerly in 2021, a report on the behalf of BGA (Blockchain Gaming Alliance) indicated that more than $2B was collected by NFT gaming in terms of revenue during the year’s 3rd quarter. This amount stands for a 22% proportion of the cumulative volume of NFT trading, as per the BGA.

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