A new BlockFi survey has revealed that there will be more female crypto investors this year than ever before. BlockFi’s real talk poll, which is usually conducted every quarter and the latest published this past week, revealed that 65% of the respondents intend to invest in digital assets within the next 90 days.

33% Of Females Plan To Own Crypto This Year

Three out of ten women polled revealed their intention to own a digital asset this year. This survey indicates an increasing number of female interest in cryptos over the past three months. During last quarter’s survey published last September, only 29% of females surveyed planned to have crypto investments compared to the 65% of them who planned to have it in this new survey.

The BlockFi report claimed that most females had overcome their fear of taking risks in investing in the crypto space. They have now realized that owning digital assets give them an edge economically. The report further stated that 75% of those surveyed in this new poll revealed that they have never sold out of the crypto assets they hold.

The Common Crypto Strategy Among Women

Hence, the report concluded that this strategy of holding crypto for the long term is common among female crypto holders. Many of these female crypto holders show little or no interest in other aspects of crypto, such as mining, NFTs, trading, and staking.

The new survey also showed an increasing number of women educated about crypto transactions. According to the new survey, 46% of women said they have learned how to buy cryptos, a remarkable difference from the 24% of them who knew how to do so six months ago. These statistics showed an increasing number of women who have not just learned about crypto but have also invested in it.

More Female Crypto Education Is Still Required

Flori Marquez, one of BlockFi’s top-level executives, opined that now is the time to educate more women about crypto and blockchain, which is the main reason for their reluctance to be involved in the crypto world.

Marquez said, “the best way to learn about any new thing is to take action on the knowledge acquired about it, and this statement is mostly applicable to the complex crypto world. It is a good development that more women are picking up interest in working in this space as they become more aware of the advantages in becoming crypto holders.”

She further said, “we now have to keep more women interested through education. Thus, more women can be more exposed to the crypto world and be more confident in trading the crypto market.” The need for more crypto education for women is obvious. 

The report revealed that nearly 75% of females are still confused about how the crypto market works even though more than 90% said they are aware of it. Education remains the difference between those who have heard about cryptos and those who have taken action to own them. The BlockFi report also revealed that less than 20% of the surveyed females are interested in having a career in crypto even if they would enjoy other economic benefits.

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