During recent years, the industry of digital assets has witnessed a significant upsurge in the fields of digital property, NFTs, and DeFi, making a way for the new era of adoption derived by organizational demand. The technology has been adopted by the players so that they could plan to construct the metaverse (the internet’s future). In the next years, because the new generations got the power and wealth, each of the business and financial sectors will require their existence in the world of the metaverse.

In this way, comprehending the opportunities and benefits in advance could offer the investors and reward projects for the development of a business strategy regarding digital assets. The goal of Metaverse Avenue – a unique project that is constructed on Solana – was to provide a way for the companies and users to promote their corporate and personal brands as well as the other products across the digital world.

Creating a profile or renting a property over the metaverse

Metaverse Avenue contained a strong group of people having considerable knowledge regarding the development and promotion of crypto as well as blockchain products. In general, nearly ten persons knowing the design, marketing, as well as the industry of cryptocurrency completely, determined to construct a new method to conjoin the potential of NFTs with that of marketing.

The users under Metaverse Avenue will be permitted to buy NFTs and obtain a block over the digital billboards of the project where a company or a person can upload the information as well as an image of their brand or themselves.

Making passive income through Digital Land

A particular amount of blocks is needed to construct a billboard. As per the official website of the project, a cumulative number of tokens to be minted by Metaverse Avenue would be 10,000. One block would be specified for the respective digital assets. The users can avail of these digital assets in the pre-sale to be held on the 26th of January.

The interest parties and investors are allowed to sign up for the respective pre-sale through a whitelist. Additional information regarding the event can be obtained through Discord Channel (the social media portal of the platform).

The venue would provide a surety among the owner of a digital block as well as a likely advertiser. According to the website of the project, the activation of the facility of renting the blocks will take place in April this year. The platform is moving towards a multi-year advancement.

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