HubbleBIT Review

Who hasn’t heard of the success stories in the financial markets? Some of the world’s richest people made their fortunes by trading in these markets, so they have always been very lucrative. However, it wasn’t until online trading became possible that people from all over the globe were able to participate and take advantage of the opportunities. You don’t have to be a full-time trader either; you can be a hobbyist and dip your toes in the financial markets in your free time. All you have to do is run a Google search to find the sheer number of brokers operating online these days and this is enough to overwhelm just anyone because how will you select one from the hundreds? In addition, you have to ensure it is the right choice for you because not all platforms are created equal and neither are traders similar. Does HubbleBIT fit in this category? You can find out after looking into some important aspects:

Is its asset index suitable? 

The right choice for you means finding a broker that offers the assets you want to trade. There are hundreds of thousands of instruments that can be traded in the financial markets and their profitability and volatility varies. You want to trade ones that suit your risk appetite and the options HubbleBIT has added are enough to work for all kinds of traders. They give access to more than 250 trading instruments in one place and they belong to different financial markets.

This ensures that you can find the specific instrument you are looking for and can also diversify your portfolio later for keeping risks minimum and profits maximum. The prominent markets that you can access via HubbleBIT include stocks, indices, forex, commodities, bonds and cryptocurrency. Every trader will be able to find something to trade on this platform.

Is it secure enough? 

You also need to ascertain if the security infrastructure of a brokerage is right for you, especially if cybersecurity is a major concern for you. You will not find HubbleBIT lacking in this area because they have chosen to follow AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies that require everyone to verify their account via proof of identity and residence documents. This prevents fake accounts, identity theft, money laundering, and financial fraud.

Moreover, segregated accounts are maintained by HubbleBIT for keeping its clients’ deposits, which prevents misappropriation and ensures there cannot be any discrepancies. All sensitive and confidential data is protected through advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption that keeps it away from any prying eyes. 

Is the platform accommodating? 

You want a broker that can accommodate you, which means looking at their account options and ensuring they offer ones that can suit traders of your background, trading style, experience and budget. The fact that HubbleBIT caters to traders of all categories becomes evident when you notice that they offer a whopping seven account options. Each of these is meant for traders of a specific category. For instance, the Bronze account is for novices with absolutely no experience whatsoever, whereas the VIP account is for professional traders.

The other account options in between are Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Premium. All of these accounts at HubbleBIT boast some unique features including risk-free trades, social trading, daily market reviews, account manager, technical specialist, education packages, full account overview, market analysis, latest news updates, and personal assistant and trading alerts. Some features are specific to accounts, while others are available in each. There are also minimum deposit requirements applicable, starting from €10,000 for the Bronze account and going as high as €1,000,000 for the VIP one. 

The Final Verdict 

With these accommodating features, along with exceptional customer support, powerful trading solutions, and an easy registration process, the HubbleBIT trading solution can be the right choice for any trader.