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Geneticrypto logoThe concept of brokers in the field of trading was introduced for minimizing the need of traditional financial advisors. The purpose of the financial advisors is to give an advice to a trader in connection with buying and selling of tradable instruments.

However, the advent of online trading restricted their intermediary role to a certain degree which role too was taken over by the online brokers. The purpose of this Geneticrypto Review is to let traders aware of an online platform which has been successfully playing the roles of broker and financial advisor very effectively.

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Broker’s Summary

The broker launched its services in the trading fields of stocks, forex, commodities, crypto, futures, indices, shares etc. It has successfully achieved an impossible by bringing all the world’s financial and trading markets at once place and into one platform.

Otherwise, a trader was paying double fees for the services it was initially acquiring from the financial advisor and later from the brokerage service provider. The broker is demonstrating great commitment towards investment source by bringing the worldwide traders/investors closer to the outstandingly lucrative investable products.

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A Platform of High Standards

The broker’s platform has set up various bars in the several fields of trading such as services, investable product, safety, education, resources, instruments and features. In addition, special steps have been taken by the platform in ensuring user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the trading platform.

In addition, great focus from the broker’s side can be witnessed in the learning experience which the broker has provisioned as highly immersive and collaborative. Traders love to spend their time even in the news section of the broker because it never stops covering accurate news emerging from the international financial and trade markets.

Business Accounts

The same level of commitment, craftsmanship and creativity can be further witnessed in the broker’s provision for business accounts. Instead of providing a generic trade-based business account, the broker instilled multiple account choices which are as good for the advanced traders as they are for the beginners or novice traders.

Features of education, personal manager, customer support and resources (e.g. tools, trade indicators, smart charts, analysis etc.) plus the incentives (from discounts to commissions) are all part of the business accounts. The trader does not need to toss his head back and forth from pillar to post.

Instead what is in the business account, the trader obtains usage rights of them all as long as the trader wants. Funding the account with the minimum deposit is the only pre-condition for obtaining a business account from the broker.

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Sensitivity of Security Protocols

A broker is not just a guardian of the traders’ funds but instead it is also responsible for ensuring safety of the sensitive data and information. If this sensitive data or information gets into wrong hands, it could result in massive loss and could cause great damage.

So the safety of the funds as well as the sensitive information of the trader must be maintained by all means and at all costs. This fool-proof security has been provided by employing highly sophisticated SSL codes and firewall protection against platform’s accessibility. Similarly, account log in procedure has been protected by installing two-layered password based security standards.

A trader couldn’t come across such a well-protected and non-negotiable platform so easily because they are a rarity.


Trader are dependent on their brokers and they need proper and permanent solutions because temporary solutions are bad in online trading. Even with the perspective of dependability, the broker has set up a standard by providing a very authentic and dependable customer support service.

Contacting this team of intelligent people is easy because they make themselves available round the clock 24/7. Even in the non-working days, they ensure their available so as to keep on providing permanent solutions.

Final Remarks

People don’t want to be judged but Geneticrypto likes to be judged because it does not need to shy away from proving what it has to offer. Though it is an online trading platform but it could be your broker as well as financial advisor collectively.

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