‘Cross the Ages’, a blockchain game that is currently under development, has managed to score double-digit millions in its recent funding round.

The upcoming blockchain-powered free to play the game ‘Cross the Ages’ has seen an amazing level of support from multiple recognized firms, who have contributed generously towards the latest funding event, letting the creators of the game amass a huge sum of around $12M. The main highlight feature of the game is its NFT-based trading card system, which will promote digital trading on a completely new level.

Animoca Brands and Ubisoft Contributions

The utilization of the gathered funds will a long way towards the development of the game, helping the developers to work on the marketing and successfully launch the project as per schedule. The funding round got support from several hugely popular firms that include, Animoca Brands, globally recognized game publisher Ubisoft, Sebastian Borget from The Sandbox and finally Polygon, which is the blockchain that will be utilized to power the game’s financial systems.

About the Game

Taking a closer look at ‘Cross the Ages’, it is said to a collectible card game that will be launched on mobile platforms. The game is set in a dystopian future that is described in a collection of novels, available to read for free.

The game will comprise of a system that will allow players to challenge each other or make teams, in order to win NFTs, that will benefit them in other ways, because they will have the ability to convert the NFT cards into proper physical versions, all having their own set of unique identity numbers attached to them. According to sources, the game will also be connecting with the metaverse by next year, giving developers more unique ideas to work with.

As for launch, the game will show up in stores sometime in the month of May, with the NFT trading card system following the launch next month in June. The game will then introduce players to an NFT marketplace, which will allow players to perform several trading activities inside of the game’s own systems.

Blockchain Gaming Success

Blockchain Gaming is a field that has been seeing a massive rise in popularity and interest, now being seen as the go to way that will bring new users into the cryptocurrency space. According to a report published back in January, the number of blockchain games currently operational have nearly doubled compared to last year.

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