While appearing at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference (which occurred in Miami), the chairman and founder of Grupo Salinas – Ricardo Salinas – gave an interview. Being an initial adopter of BTC (Bitcoin), Salinas has a first-hand experience of lows and highs across the market and acquired some knowledge in this way.

Salinas commenced the day being a panelist on the Miami Beach Convention Center’s stage along with the fellow billionaires including Dan Tapiero, Marcelo Claure, and Orlando Bravo. In his discussion, Salinas revealed that 60% of his complete portfolio comprises Bitcoin, whereas 40% deals with gas and oil-related investments. On the very day, 7th April, Indira Kempis (a fellow attendee and a senator from Mexico) declared to have proposed legislation in her country to provide the status of a legal tender to Bitcoin.

Mexico could trail Portugal, Madeira, Honduras, Roatán, and El Salvador if the legislation gets approved. On being asked about the course of action after this happening, Salinas stated that it would become a pretty much difficult endeavor to turn this into reality as the mindset of the nation is considerably inclined toward its centralized administration of fiat, which he termed as fiat fraud. He added that the powers at the finance ministry, as well as the central bank, hate BTC due to the freedom represented by it which directly threatens their monopoly.

Being the founder of Banco Azteca (a Mexican bank), Salinas acknowledges that he is included in the problematic structure and discloses that he would be pleased if he is provided an access to BTC payments, lending, and deposits. Simultaneously, nonetheless, as owning the supermarket chain Elektra Group, he is presently focused on devising the ways to provide the retailers with an ability to embrace BTC payments for the entirety of the products.

While sitting in the interview, Salinas mentioned that the BTC investors have a considerably small percentage out of the cumulative population of the country and that a long journey is yet to be traveled to have a worldwide adoption of Bitcoin. He moved on to remind the viewers about the notion of the age of an investor. In his words, it does not matter if an investor is young or old and the only significant thing is the mental openness as well as curiosity of an investor to learn continuously.

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