Crypto companies in the United Kingdom are starting to take away the professional cybercrime police to guarantee their measures for regulatory compliance, as per a report published by Bloomberg. The National Police Chiefs’ Council, an entity responsible for representing the entirety of the police officers throughout the United Kingdom, asserts that the professional cybercrime policemen are quitting the force at a pace 3 to 4 times increased as compared to the rest of the police officers.

In Bloomberg’s evaluation, it was pointed out that nearly 15 people having a background in law enforcement or police have joined the prominent crypto platforms. These companies take into account Binance Holdings, Coinbase Global, and Chainalysis. In the case of Binance, the platform has been compelled by the regulatory problems across the world to appoint some additional experts who can assist in dealing with the regulatory issues.

Recently, Binance appointed a former senior official that had provided services at the Financial Conduct Authority, Steven McWhirter, to work as its Regulatory Policy Director. Almost nine years have been spent by McWhirter with the UK watchdog as well as he was operating until recently as the Strategy and Engagement Manager for the Data, Technology, and Innovation department of FCA. In the rest of the instances, the elevation in crypto-based crimes committed on the behalf of hackers as well as an increased extent of crypto closures has made it necessary to have hired expert cybercrime cops.

A spokesperson from Coinbase stated that these former policemen can have a vital role in maintaining the security of their consumers’ funds while working to turn the platform into a trustworthy entity in the crypto-economy. However, the loss of such cybercrime professionals counts to be a huge disadvantage for law enforcement organizations. Andrew Gould – the head of the cybercrime unit at NPCC – mentioned that they are undergoing a serious issue of losing the experienced cyber staff and officials.

He added that there is a high demand for their expertise across the private sector. Hence they are moving away to double or triple-up their payments. As the majority of the cops had acquired training by the law enforcement institutions due to a requirement for them to serve under the respective organizations, the exodus of such precious staff counts to be a momentous problem. He moved on to say that though they are not envious of them for availing the opportunity of a huge pay rise, the loss of such skilled staff cannot be afforded by them.

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