The NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace of Coinbase (the leading crypto exchange) has witnessed its beta launch up to six months following the firm declared its strategy to initiate a waitlist for its official site. As per a blog post on Wednesday, the crypto exchange stated that the Coinbase NFT’s beta testers would potentially establish online profiles along with purchasing and selling NFTs.

Sanchan Saxena (the vice president of product and ecosystem at Coinbase) pointed out that the marketplace’s structure would be a linkage between the social media venue as well as the rest of the NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea. He added that though it is fact that purchasing and trading NFTs occupies a prominent proportion of the market at present, several creators and consumers have mentioned that there are other things than selling and purchasing as well including the community factor.

As per Saxena, the venue will have chances for establishing a connection between the creators and consumers. Similar to several social media venues, the clients will be permitted by Coinbase NFT to follow creators and other people’s profiles, remark on the artwork, as well as observe an individualized feed to find out unique non-fungible tokens based on purchases and engagement.

In terms of moderating remarks, Saxena expressed that the firm would run according to the rule that the lawmakers and customers determine the land’s law. As per the Coinbase executive, judging right and wrong is not the function of the staff until it is legitimate. While currently, the marketplace has entered the beta category, Coinbase specified that no transaction charges would be implemented for a short time, and the focus of the exchange is to minimize gas fees for ETH (Ether) transfers by having 0x Labs as its collaborator.

Consumers can opt for Coinbase Wallet and self-custody wallets. Coinbase disclosed that the exchange made a strategy to provide access to a non-fungible token marketplace in line with the place of clients on the waitlist if they are above 18 years. Apart from this, Coinbase presented the strategy to decentralize additional aspects such as comments shortly. At present, Coinbase NFT has up to 8.4M email addresses on the waitlist.

Coinbase counts to be among the crypto exchanges endeavoring to enter the NFT trading. The Front-running crypto exchange Binance initiated its marketplace for NFTs in June previous year, targeting to lower the transaction charges.

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