Claim Justice Review

Claim Justice logoGetting scammed is certainly not a pleasant experience, yet it is one that happens more often than you may think, which is exactly why you need to know about Claim Justice. Claim Justice is a money recovery agency situated in Israel, and the company’s main focus is to assist its clientele in being able to recover lost funds and get some much-needed justice after being the victim of fraudulent activity. AWL Technology Ltd had founded the company, and it has since been able to provide money recovery services for many years now, in addition to expanding its influence beyond Israel’s borders thanks to the expansion of Claim Justice’s operations worldwide. So, join us today as we take you through this in-depth Claim Justice review so that you may know about a respectable and well-renowned company that can help you should you ever be on the receiving end of a scam.

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Of course, we recognize that you would want to choose a company that is not only well-established and well-known but one that also has enough experience dealing with the issue of recovering lost funds and getting justice for its customers. This factor is especially important today as cyber-criminals and online scammers are constantly developing new and never-before-seen techniques to steal your money, and it is hence becoming increasingly difficult to know with absolute certainty as to whether the entity you are dealing with is genuine or not.

This is precisely why experience matters, and we can thus proudly say that Claim Justice has plenty of expertise and knowledge regarding these types of issues and fraudulent individuals and organizations. In fact, upon closer inspection, you will find that the company has been actively involved in enhancing online security ever since its inception, and the team specializes in dealing with all kinds of different scammers and con-artists as well as every loophole there is.

Claim Justice has particularly had a lot of experience dealing with several scams related to CFD trading and has also been largely successful on this front. When you choose to trust Claim Justice to help you, there will never be a reason to worry as the company shall take all the necessary precautions and steps necessary and in a timely manner (which is extremely important as the longer you wait to recover your lost funds, the more likely it is that the scammers will get away with it). Moreover, the team is fully competent regarding the laws of each country where the scam may have occurred and where the client’s residence might be, which is incredibly useful as each jurisdiction’s rules and regulations would differ, and so you would need a company that knows its way around various major regions and jurisdictions.


Another factor that you must consider when selecting an institution to help you recover your funds is that of transparency. You’ve already been scammed, so it is perfectly understandable that you would naturally not want to deal with any shady organization or company or any entity that you might be the least bit unsure of. Therefore, Claim Justice tries its best to be as transparent as it can be in everything that it does. Unlike other similar companies, which might only offer vague, generic, or incomplete information regarding products and services, Claim Justice leaves everything out in the open, and even if there is something that you are unsure of, then you can reach out to the company, and your question is more than likely to be answered to your satisfaction.

Furthermore, you will be routinely updated about the recovery process, and the company will never do anything hasty or represent you without your full and legal consent. You will never have to worry about being misled when you choose Claim Justice, and relevant information about your case or any changes to it will be relayed to you as soon as possible.


The issue of payment shall forever be a sensitive topic, especially after being scammed. It would not matter if a company or agency can help you recover your lost funds if you are simply unable to afford such a service. Claim Justice realizes this, and so it has created a system where the fees for its clients will always be minimal, and customers would hence never have to pay more than what is affordable and reasonable.

That being said, there is an initial fee that must be paid before the recovery process can be started. Comparatively speaking, this amount is quite minuscule, and it is important to remember that the main goal here is to help you recover what was lost. Apart from this fee, the company will be charging a commission, which is based on the amount that shall be recovered. Regarding the commission fee itself, you might be concerned that it might be too high but fear not as we found the amount to be very reasonable and no hefty charges are likely to be involved. In other words, Claim Justice shall do its best to keep the costs low and nominal for its clients.

Free first consultation

If you are still worried about the fees, then you would be happy to know that the first consultation with Claim Justice will be completely free. What this means is that your initial meeting with the company (should you consider choosing it to help you recover your lost funds) will not have any costs associated with it, and so you are free to ask anything you might need to in order to feel comfortable with trusting Claim Justice to get your money back.

During this first consultation, the company will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding how Claim Justice plans to recover your funds, what steps it will take, how transparent it will be during the entire process, what the costs are, how long would it expectedly take to get your money back, and anything else that you might wish to discuss. Once you finish this consultation, you will then be given the choice of having Claim Justice begin the recovery process for you, which would then, of course, involve the payment of the aforementioned initial fee.

Customer support

We have always said that one should do everything possible to find out all of the relevant information about any entity beforehand. This is especially important nowadays because the world of online trading and digital assets has skyrocketed in popularity but so have the number of scams and hacks that take place as a result of the industry’s increased usage. This is why it is imperative that you know exactly what a company is all about, which is the whole reasoning behind any organization’s customer support.

Simply put, any company that wants to establish a certain level of trust and a potential long-term working relationship with you must have a reliable and trustworthy customer support service put in place. In fact, we would even go as far as to say that a company’s customer support can often be looked at to ascertain whether the entity is genuine or fraudulent. This is because the latter would not be particularly concerned about keeping its customers happy as it would be more focused on stealing money and exploiting its clients.

Thankfully though, Claim Justice is as legitimate a company as you are likely to find, but with that being said, you should still consider how reliable the customer support of the organization is. Claim Justice did everything in its power to ensure that its customers feel taken care of and provided for when it comes to funds recovery, and the company has thus established several channels for the purposes of customer support. Should you need to contact the team regarding any concerns, queries, or questions that you might have, then apart from the abovementioned free first consultation, you may also get in touch with Claim Justice’s customer support team.

You can do this in a few different ways, including the scheduling of a call-back which you can do via the filling out of an online form that is available on the company’s website. Additionally, you can also find some more phone numbers on the site, which can be utilized to quickly contact the customer support team if need be. Finally, a chat support feature has been added by Claim Justice for anyone who may prefer such an option.

Final verdict

In conclusion, individuals would need to take every single measure and precaution imaginable before deciding to fully trust any given entity. This is true and applicable for companies that are focused on money recovery, too, such as Claim Justice. We recognize the fact that if you are reading this review, then the chances are that you may have been the victim of a scam or a hack, and so you could be searching for a company to help you recover what you have lost.

With that in mind, we are more than happy to recommend Claim Justice as it has a proven track record and its team is not only incredibly experienced and knowledgeable when dealing with matters such as this, but it is also highly transparent, and its services are extremely affordable as well as within a reasonable price range for most. The customer support is amazing, and you will never feel like your voice isn’t being heard when you choose to place your trust in Claim Justice. All in all, if you or any individual you might know has been scammed recently, then we implore you to give this company a try.